How to emboss or transfer and image with stamps to a candle!

I love candles that have skulls and animals embossed on them but I have never want to pay too much for them. So I started wondering how to could make one. I saw a lot of tutorials where they print out images on tissue paper and transfer them onto the candles but I have a lot of stamps and wondered if it would work with stamps too. 
It worked! Now I have a skull candle for Halloween. 

I got the stamp from Tim Holtz Halloween stamps from last season.
I used Ranger Archival Ink.

I took white tissue paper and stamped on it and then I cut it as closed to the skull as I could.
To transfer it to the candle you will need to use wax paper, it also helps with holding the candle when heating it. The last thing you want to do is burn your fingers.
Apply the tissue paper on the candle
Followed with a piece of wax paper with enough left on the back to be able to hold on to.
Now the magic begins. Use a heating tool to heat the wax paper. You will start to see the tissue paper start to disappear.
Once its heated you have an embossed candle with you favorite stamp! Just remove the wax paper slowly.  I just want to buy a whole lot of candles and emboss them with all kinds of stamps.
I did try the printer version and it came out great too!

Happy crafting everyone!

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