How to make Candy Wire Baskets for Halloween

Don’t we all love Pinterest right?! You find the most interesting and creative things ever and you wonder why you did not come up with that. I found something that had me running to Home depot! I was like I need to do that like right now! Amy from Four Corners Design had cheap way to make your very own wire baskets. We all know that wire baskets can be expensive specially if you want as many of them like I do.

I just went crazy for the tutorial and how to do my very own wire baskets.

Amy’s wire baskets are bigger and a little nicer than mine which means I need a lot more practice. 
I added Halloween ribbon and metal tag to the basket to make it more festive and its now my Halloween candy bowl/baskets.
The only problem that I see happening now is that I am going to eat all the candy before Halloween. 
Go visit Amy at Four Corners Design and take a look at her tutorial, it super simple to do! 
Stay Crafty,


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