Book folding Origami Tutorial

Book folding origami has be around for a while and it can help decorate you home beautifully. I have another super fun and easy tutorial for you. All you need to do is three different fold and just repeat it as much as you want. Easy, right?!

Book folding is usually just repeated pattern and page folds and can be relaxing. The first fold is make at the top of the book and repeat for five pages. 

Do a center fold and do it for five pages and he same goes for the bottom fold. Continue the folds until your book looks filled. I left about 100 pages on each end as fillers. You might want to do the entire book or not, its all up to you. 
Happy folding everyone,

7 thoughts on “Book folding Origami Tutorial

  1. Marlene Diamond

    I have done 2 folded books, curly and straight similar to the 1st tutorial..most others are to mathamatically taxing for me. Yours are more up my alley…Thank you!

    1. Loren Post author

      I am so glad, I try to make them as simple as possible so it fun and not to time draining. Thank you for stopping by!


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