Do you dare to hear the story of the Dibbux box this Halloween

Halloween is Here! Its time for trick or treating and finding the scariest story.  I am not going to lie to  you and tell you that I love scary stories or movies for that matter but I do have a story that I could not help put hear.
 Have you heard of the Dibbux box? They say its holds a soul of an evil spirit and anyone who own the box will fall ill and be terrorized by it. It was been passed on to other by being sold on ebay. Do you dare to hear this scary story of the Dibbux box ? 
I came across this story while hearing a pod cast from Mysterious Universe and every hair on my body was standing on end the entire time. Even now as I speak of it in my silent dark home I get chills. I will recommend hearing this story during the day light or you might not be able to sleep tonight.  You can hear the podcast HERE. They have also release a book with the entire events. You would think this could not happen but you never know what might go on in Halloween night.

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