Geeky Engagement Ring Boxes Inspiration & Halloween Tag

Once upon a time just having the ring was enough but now everyone is getting very creative with the engagement ring box. I love the creativity that some of this geeky men have. You have from video games to movie inspired geeky ring boxes and they are not small. Part of me want to make all of them.

I loved Wallie when it came out and so did this couple.

  Do you have a love for Pokemon? I use to love watching this show when I was a kid and I even played the video game on my Nintendo in black in white. I feel old, hehe.

Do you have a love for Steampunk? I have to say this is my most favorite geeky wedding box. I wonder if I can get make it!

The movie Up by Pixar was very popular by many and I have seen beautiful wedding pictures inspired by this movie. Now we also have the geek wedding ring box. 

Do you dream about having a Portal engagement ring box, somebody did.

Of course we can’t forget Doctor Who! Doctor Who has been very popular and there are a few different variation on engagement ring box. You can purchase it for $300!

How about another inspired steampunk engagement ring box? You would have never guess that it can hide a ring. Its in plain sight!

Or maybe Toy Story is more your thing? Well they have one of those too for $300! 

Another Doctor Who inspired engagement ring box is going around in web and it looks dreamy.

One of my personal favorite is the Mad Hatter inspired geek engagement ring box. I want one!!

If you have a genius boyfriend and love Iron like a true geek will, then drop a hint or two so he can make you a Arc Reactor engagement ring box. I would love to make one just for fun! Oh did I tell you it lights up too.

For your viewing pleasure we also have a lovely Halloween tag for 31 days of Halloween.

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9 thoughts on “Geeky Engagement Ring Boxes Inspiration & Halloween Tag

  1. Matney

    Awesome that people are creating their own unique boxes!
    Fab tag! Someone just gave me those great sparkly skulls last week! Love the moon, and lots of fun layers.


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