DIY mini crate stocking holder tutorial

My favorite thing to do this Holiday season is my Christmas Stockings, especially since I am making and extra one for my little baby girl. I decided to make a little vintage crate stocking holders instead of my wooden letters I did a previous year. In each box I added a key element which made it especially for that one person I love so much in my life. 

I got the small crates at Hobby lobby but you can find different one at any craft store. I stained them dark wood.
I used Minwax which is my favorite stain ever! One small can has lasted me over a year.

I added a stain with a brush across the front part of the mini crate.

I waited about 30 seconds and wiped off any extra stain left on the top of the wood. I used gloves and a old rag for this part. If not your hands will smell like stain for a couple of days.

Once it was all stained, I let it dry over night.

I got some foliage and filled each mini crate for my stockings with a different theme. I wanted each mini crate to  represent one member of my family. My son picked out a reindeer. 

I made of my special bundle of joy that join us this past week. She got a present because she was much of surprise for us and got lucky enough to come before Christmas. 

Its tradition every year to get a couple hand picked ornament for our Christmas tree. It has become tradition now that my hubby picks out the ugliest ornament he can find, well at least to me they are a little ugly.

My mini crate Christmas stocking holder have mini frames with each of our names on it. I place the wooden crate on top of the weight stocking holder and you are ready to hang your stocking this holiday season. 

What will you be putting your stocking holder?

Happy Holidays


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