Book Folding Origami Christmas Ornament

I always need ornament for my tree and making this cute little origami book folding Christmas ornament is the way to go. The book folding ornament adds a little of vintage to my tree which I love and it won’t cost you a thing as long as you have book that you don’t want laying around. 

You will need a paperback book in which you will need to rid off the covers. I marked a line across the center of the book which I then cut the entire book in half.

Their are only three simple steps when folding the book pages. First fold up page. You will have extra flap which you will need to cut. 
Then just fold down to make triangle in the center of the book. 
You are done! Continue to do the same thing with the rest of the pages.
Just glue yarn to the center of the book and hang it on your tree this holiday season.
Happy Holidays


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