How to make a stencil with cameo silhouette on a wood sign

When I was browsing Joann’s I found these cute wooden hearts that I just needed to have. The problem was that I bought about 4 of these hearts and no plan. I promised myself this year that I would only buy something that I was going to use right away. So far I have not been doing to well with that little goal and I decided to start working on it a little harder.
I decided to make a cute little wooden heart sign with my cameo silhouette. I wanted the sign to show little age and not be perfect. I like adding a little rustic charm to my walls. 

The project won’t take that long and I like the look on my wall. The first thing I did to the wooden heart was stain it. I used a dark mahogany stain.

The wood picked up the stain fast and I wiped off some of it. 

I then went to work on my cameo silhouette. I purchased the love you forever lettering from the silhouette store.

I then attached the vinyl lettering to the wood heart and then used acrylic paint over it. 

Then you take off the vinyl lettering once the paint is slightly dry and now you have a nice rustic heart wood sign. Some of the paint went behind the lettering and looks like a mistake which I really like. Not everything beautiful has to be perfect.

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