Making your own Book Lamp

I fell love with a beautiful book lamp I saw on pinterest but their was no tutorial for it. So I decided to jump into making my very own. Especialy now that I need more light in our home. I could always use a lamp in every room. If you have a couple of old book you don’t mind drilling into and lamp kit you can make one too.

Please be aware that I am not an electrician by any means and you should always read the instruction when using electrical wires. Trust me on this I had a bad experience and I was very lucky. So please do  your research.

I got a lamp kit and lampholder which I remove the guts and replaced it with the lamp kit.

Place this inside the lampholder.

Then it time to drill! I drilled a big enough hole for the cord fit in.

Once the cord was in I cut some of the pages so the cord could lay flat in the book and for the book to lay flat as well. I wanted the cord to come out the side of the book than through other side.

I went ahead and screwed the books together.

Follow the instruction on how to wire the lamp kit and now you have your every own book lamp for anytime you need that extra bit of light. You can place it next to your favorite reading chair for that night time reading. I also use a 40w Edison light bulb that I got over at home depot.

Stay Crafty,

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