Learning Calligraphy

I am the first to tell you that my handwriting is not the best. My hubby always has difficulties reading my grocery list. So I decided that this year I wanted to give a couple of new hobbies a try, like I don’t have plenty already, hehe. The first thing that came to mind was calligraphy. I have always been interested in calligraphy but never really had the opportunity to try it until recently when a workshop came up near me. I was so excited and I am so glad that I took the leap. Its so much fun learning it, I was scared at the beginning because I am left handed and its always a challenge doing something but I never really let it hold me back or think about it really. 
I was excited to learn that my teach was left handed and she did beautiful calligraphy very easily so I knew with much practice I can be good as well.  Hopefully by the end of the year I will better handwriting.  We learn a very flowing and not so structured calligraphy which is fun for Valentines’s day. 

Here are some of the beautiful things I was in class.
Some of the girls I got to share this journey in calligraphy.

Our wonderful teachers!

What new hobby will you try?


37 thoughts on “Learning Calligraphy

  1. Marjorie Crawford

    I had a calligraphy set once upon a time. I am always looking for fun new hobbies to take up. Right now it is vegetable and herb gardening in my backyard. I love to cook, so it is really fun to have fresh produce outside my door.

  2. Mel Caldicott

    Wow this is so inspiring! I always love to receive things that people have written on in beautiful calligraphy. I hope you enjoy learning this great new craft. Linked here from SITS Girls Comment Love event 🙂

  3. Marcia Wyatt

    I used to do Calligraphy and loved it. Like you, my handwriting is horrible. Calligraphy, however, I could do well. Sorry now that I stopped practicing it – so perhaps I’ll get back to it now after reading this great post. Glad I found you today via the SITS Comment Challenge. Hope you have a wonderful Monday! 😀

  4. Lydia R. Powell

    I got a calligraphy set for Christmas. It’s one of my goals for the year to learn how to do it. I love my natural handwriting, but I’d love to be able to do something a little fancier for special occasions.

  5. Mamapotamus

    That’s awesome! My handwriting was pretty bad until I took calligraphy in college. Even though I thought it was more like drawing or painting than writing, it really did improve my penmanship!

  6. Meg Sluyter

    Hi Loren, stopping by from the SITS comment challenge. My mom did A LOT of calligraphy and it was always so beautiful. And, calligraphy pens are so fun with that slanted tip to use, what a fun new hobby. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. Lyne Proulx

    My handwriting is so bad I don’t think I could do calligraphy lol! I could see my daughter take a class as she is so artistic. I would like to try scrapbooking though. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Melissa Willems-Pettie

    I haven’t done any calligraphy in years. Maybe I will try my hand at it again, I really enjoyed it at the time. Now, this may be random, but I absolutely love your About Me, in my head I am reading about your loves, following along, like DIY-check, Crafting-Check, Blogging-Check, Whales.. wait, what? It is just totally random! Love it 🙂

  9. Lifeslap

    I have the handwriting of a five year old boy and have been entertaining the idea of a calligraphy class because part of my new job is writing thank you cards to donors and I want them to be able to read them! Thanks for sharing your experience-going to investigate my options a little more. This may become my new hobby (because telling people that “happy hour” is my hobby is getting kind of weird..)

    Came across your blog on the SITS Girls Comment Love Challenge-looking forward to seeing more fun crafts and fun stuff from you!

  10. Lisa

    Stopping by from the SITS girl challenge. This looks like a fun event. I would love to take a calligraphy class just to add a little flair when needed.

    Nice blog.

  11. Maggie Burgdorf Roush

    I am a part-time event planner and do a lot with wedding invitations, so learning calligraphy is definitely on my to-do list! I never thought about taking a class though, so I’m really excited that you shared this.


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