My weekend thrift store finds!

One of the best ways to spend my weekend is to go thrift shopping and that is what I got to do this past weekend. I like the surprise I get when I find something that would either cost me way more in a regular store or something I would never expect. I was excited this time around when I went thrift shopping because I found a couple of cute items. 

One of the things that I was surprise in finding was a nightstand that looks almost the same as the one I found at a different thrift store in Texas  for the same price. 
How about finding a banker’s chair for less than $10! I can’t wait to transform this cute.
I love antique candle holders. I wanted one to sit next to while reading a book. 
I also found some cute little trinkets on my adventure.

Till next time, stay crafty!

5 thoughts on “My weekend thrift store finds!

  1. Michelle Garrett

    My favorite past time with my mother is thrifting! It’s so much fun to spend time with her and find hidden gems. She loves cleaning them up and re-purposing them – I just love the one-on-one time 🙂 Great finds!


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