Reupholster a footstool

On one of my ventures of going to goodwill I found a granny footstool for just $5! I could not believe it, I’ve been looking for one it seems like forever and here it was. It was just in my price budget and small enough to be carried right out the door with ease. Now the question was what kind of fabric I wanted to use to recover this lovely find so I took a trip to Joann’s one of my favorite craft store in hunt for the perfect fabric. I knew I wanted to have a rustic feel but still wanted to match everything in my home. As most of us know you can always find something at Joann’s that is just right what you are looking for.

Once I found the fabric, it was time to take the footstool apart. Reupholstering is one of my favorite hobbies and I always just want to rid things apart to see how things fit.
Once I removed the old fabric and foam it was time to replace it with new and improved fabric.  I took the wood and measure out the foam to be the same size, followed by batting and fabric which I measured to wrapped around the wood to hold the foam place.
The fun part is about to begin, the stapling. I begin by stabling the center of each side, this helps hold everything in place.
Once everything is stapled I added black fabric to the outside to cover all the staples. I stapled neatly on the black fabric so it does not look all crazy like whats underneath.
When all the reupholstering is done on the footstool I began painting the stool. I used my own mixture of chalk paint on the stool.  Once it was sealed, it was time to put it back together.
One last thing to do and that was to hand draw a N’2 on the fabric, for this task I used a gray sharpie. I bet no one has a stool like this in their home.
What will you be reupholstering today?!
stay crafty,



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