Industrial Wooden Spool Makeover

I’ve waiting to get my hands on industrial wooden spool for a while and I never thought I was going to find one. Until one day on my way to get my hubby at work and a saw it! I could not believe my eyes and I begged my hubby for an entire day and he finally caved in and got them in the car for me.  They sat in my garage for a couple of month and I wondered what would be the perfect project I would with it? It finally came to me why not a bookshelf for my kiddos for their room!

We went to our local hardware store and got a few supplies to start our project. We got wood stain, wood and steel wheels. We got the wood to fit snugly inside the spool. As we discovered that the shelves had to be cut at different measurement because it’s asymmetrical all the way around.  We did a lot of measuring and cutting to make it just right. I decided to put four shelves on the spool.

We attached the shelves by screw them from the bottom and the top. It did take a lot of muscle to do it and thank goodness I have my hubby for it. I then stained the spool a dark mahogany. I just love the color of dark wood in my home.
My favorite thing to do is to reupholster and that is what I did with the top. The spool had four big bolts on the top which would make thing difficult to placing things on top, so reupholstering was the best option.  I cut the fabric and the batting the same size and the foam the same size as the top of the wooden spool.
Once it was all cut it was time to place it on the spool. We stapled the batting to the spool so it will hold the foam in place. Then we placed the fabric on the top and stapled it to the bottom of the wood.
We thought that something was still missing and decided to add decorative nails.  
Now my kiddos have a wooden spool bookshelf.


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