Recap of upholstering dinning room chairs

I have and oldie but goodie makeover which I am still amazed that I could pull off! All of course with much help of my mother in-law. Who would have thought that at times the best way to learn is to just take the leap of faith and rip off the fabric of a chair and figure out how to put it pack together again.
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You have no idea how much I have been hating my dinning room chairs. They have gone through a lot with me. They have been around for about seven years and over six moves with three being states moves. Lets not forget also having a baby. It a new year and  I wanted to bring some color to my home and lighten things up. 

I was very lucky to have my wonderful mother in-law over for the holiday season and she gave the courage to  tackle this big project. 
This project is rated C for Courage.
The wonderful part was that we got to bond and I did not even have to ask more than once because the next thing I knew she was tearing it apart. It was fantastic!
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1. We remove the strip. All we needed was to pull hard because it was being help with glue.
2. Then it was time to remove the top fabric by removing the staples.
3. The foam was also stapled so I needed to remove more staples.
4. Yes, the cardboard was stapled in as well. I am starting to hate staples a lot!
5. Now to remove any lingering staples. 
The seat of the chair was much more easily removed because it was just screwed in. Once all the fabric was off you will I needed to stain parts of the chair because time has not been gentle. 
I also used a sealer by Krylon once the staining was tried.
While the sealer is trying we tacked the seat. We used the original fabric to trace a pattern in which to cut the  new fabric.  
As you can see the old fabric was pretty beat up! 
All we needed to do was wrap the fabric around the foam, the wooden base and staple it. 
After all has been said and done all we needed to do was screw it back in to the chair base.

My mother inlaw Laurie help me pick out the fabric at Joann’s and I am just in love with it. It has all my favorite color in it. Can you guess which is my most favorite color?
We cut two circle circle of fabric one the exact size of the cardboard and the other half and inch bigger all around.

On the backside of the cardboard I had to glue the new fabric to it with spray on adhesive. I used Elmer’s Craft Bond. It work very nicely. 

1. Once the adhesive was dry I place the cardboard back into the back of the chair and stapled it in place.
2. I place the foam on top of the cardboard and stapled it in place.
3. I used the fabric which I cut half and inch larger and stapled it to the inside of the chair. I tried not to pull the fabric too much because I wanted to keep some dimension to it.
4. I cut out any remnant that was sticking out once it was stapled.
Here is how the back looks like once it was place in! Now it give a pop of color from the back and the front. Its time to finish the front. Just a couple more steps.
1 & 2. We used the original lining strip and removed the old fabric. 
3.We took the fabric that we used on the seat of the chair sew it over the rope.
4. Ta-Da! Now its time to hot glue it!

Who would have though it would be that simple to do! 
Can you see the difference now! It so much better than before and all it take its the courage to start. Do you have a project that you have been putting off because you think you can’t do it? Well guess what you are not the only one but its not that hard, just give it a try. Now I have dinning room chair that look like new!

Now I know that I can take apart any dining room chair and put it back together. I have to say  that I love reupholstering furniture. I don’t see furniture the same way, every time a see something I just want to know its secret. What will you be reupholstering today?

Stay crafty,


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