Antler Decoration Ideas

I had a great pleasure of reviewing wonderful antlers from Black Forest Décor! I just loved browsing through their site; they have everything you will need to decorate your home all rustic. I especially love their holiday décor and how it can be transform to be used all year long. I got a antler center piece and it’s so lovely and it has beautiful detail. I came up with antler decorating ideas.

The antlers are very festive and have cute leaves, moss and cherries on them. I love looking at the detail of each antler is beautiful. I just could not wait to get it out of the box and on its place on top of my white chest.
While browsing Black Forest Décor you can get anything for lighting with faux antlers to bedding! They have a great selection for everyone’s taste and I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of other things. I also like that they have a selection of faux and real antlers.  I especially liked the beautiful coffee table made into a sledded. You can’t find better antler decoration ideas than in Black Forest website.
Since it’s not the festive holiday season, I decided to added a little spring to my antlers. I used silk flowers and place them the center. Now I have flowery center piece for the spring and a beautiful festive center piece for the winter.
What will you pick from Black Forest Décor? Will you transform your bathroom into a wood cottage or maybe your bedroom? The possibilities are endless and the décor is unique.
If you are looking for antler decoration ideas then stop by and take a look around their is always something for everyone.
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