Golden Star with String Lights

Gold is the color that everyone is in love with and so am I! If I could, I would paint everything in gold! I’ve been waiting to embellish my string light in my living. You might be wondering why I have them now that Christmas is long gone and the reason is additional lighting and I enjoy the warmth they give to the room when all the light are turned off. I am actually thinking of adding some to my baby girl’s rooms but that’s a craft project for another day. 

I went in search for paper mache stars at my local craft store and I found super cute paper mache star wands. I purchased four and gold spray paint.
When I got home I cut all the stars in half so I can have double the amount of stars and removed the sticks that made the wand. I had to be very careful because I was cutting them by the seams and at times I miss and almost cut my fingers. I started cutting the stars with a X-acto knife but it was easier using a small scissor.
I spray painted the stars first with gold spray paint, followed by glitter spray paint. The reason I used two different spray paints was because the glitter spray paint is very clunky and will not over the entire star evenly.
Once they were dried I made small piercing in the center of the star and attached them to the string lights.
Now I have golden twinkle stars in my living room and I love how they look. 
Stay Crafty


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