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Arm Knitting Blanket Tutorial

I was browsing through YouTube and I found a video on arm knitting a blanket tutorial. I was a little confuse because how can you arm knit a blanket? I watched the video and I was so happy to see that you can actually do it in less than an hour! Usually I crochet and it take forever to finish anything. I have to little kiddos that I have to take care of and by the end of the night all I want to do is go to be and crocheting it the last thing on my mind. I was excited to start arm knitting especially for the video I was watching was the same pattern over and over again.

arm knitting, yarn, blanket, knitting, crochet blanket, gray blanket,

Well let me just tell you that it took me more than one hour to finish my first arm knitting blanket. Let me tell you it actually took me three days to finish my blanket. First I did not have the right kind of yarn. Then I kept dropping stitches, followed by running out of yarn! I just sat there with an arm full of yarn wondering how I was going to remove it from my arm and loosing a stitch. I did figure it out and just got a pool I had from a craft I never got around in doing.

arm knitting, arm knitting blanket, tutorial, pattern, knitting, crochet

I wont lie to you it got pretty frustrating at times and still the blanket did not come out the way I wanted it to. Because I removed it from my arm and I did not r ember which way it was originally on my arm. I changed the stitch direction.  Its not supper noticeable but it much more difficult than I thought.

Here the video I did my arm knitting blanket tutorial. She is a very good teacher for sure.


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