Bedtime Routine Talk, Read and Sing

As mommies we learn pretty fast that having a bedtime routine for any child is key is having a successful quite bed time. I know that if I don’t talk, read and sing to my kiddos before bed that they will go down crying and sneaking out of their rooms. I always try my best to not disturb that routine even when daddy has to work late. At times not having daddy at bedtime can cause a little trouble in my home. Especially since daddy is the one who finishes getting the little energy they might have out of them before bed with playtime.

When it comes to bedtime “Talk Read Sing” is key to keeping everyone happy and mommy very sane. One of the thing I do with my kiddos before bed is reading their favorite books. Of course with the more kiddos you have the more books you end up reading. However, I could never say no when it comes to buying books or reading to them. You always want to expand their imagination and create wonderful memories especially since they won’t stay little for ever.


We also talk about what we read, I always want to make sure my kiddos understand the story and I like to ask questions about what happens in the story and why they think it happened. You can’t imagine the thing you might hear from your kiddos at times.

However, talk should also be happening during the day. I know when I was a new mommy it was hard to talk mostly to myself all day while my kiddo was a baby but they enjoy it so much. Don’t worry you are not the only crazy mommy out their talking to themselves, hehe. I especially like talking while we are gardening. If you don’t believe me doing these simple thing will help then go take a look at First 5 California to find out more.

reading, talking, singing

Singing is my favorite part of the bedtime routine talk, read and sing. My kiddos will not go to bed happy and quietly with out having their song. My mommy was never a singer but my hubby was lucky enough to have a mommy who loved to sing. As a tradition we sing the same song that his mommy did. Each family has their own which will bring sentiment and mean more your family. You might think you don’t have a good singing voice and trust me I don’t either but your kiddos won’t care they will just remember the time you spent with them. They will always cherish those memories more than anything and so will you.

If you are looking for more ideas to share with you family try the First 5 California as a great resource for activities for newborns, babies, toddlers and preschoolers. There’s a whole section (Activity Center) on things that parents can do with their kids to help stimulate the mind.


What is your bedtime routine talk, read sing?



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