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How to Plant Succulents

Planting succulent and taking care of plants has never been really my thing to do. I always believed I had a black thumb when it came to gardening. Especially since my hubby family can grow  just about anything and have beautiful gardens in their homes. I have tried  a couple a time a year to keep a plant alive but I always seem to kill everything that touched my hands. However, that never seem to deter me from trying again since  I always wanted to be surrounded my nature which can be very hard when you are living in apartments in any major city at any given time.

One day my friend told me that I should try succulents. They are everywhere in California since it does not rain very often and they are so easy to care for and you could pretty much find them in everyone gardens. She had a few clipping she gave and told me to plant them and see how it goes. At the time I did not know it was a Jade plant clipping she gave. Of course having done no research I just planted the clippings in regular soil and tried to ignore them as much as I could, which is not hard to do when you have kiddos running around.

To my amazement it grew and grew and now is doing fantastic. As you can imagine I finally found a plant that I can’t kill! Unless I try really, really hard, haha. Now I have three full shelves of succulent that are growing more with each passing year. Here I am to give you a few pointers on how to grow your succulents and not to make a few mistakes like I did when I first started. I am still learning of course and I have ventured into house plants and they all alive!  One day I hope to be able to keep a rose bush alive. I love roses but I just can’t seem to keep them alive and don’t get me started with Orchids!!

Once you get a Jade plant clipping your how to  plant succulents adventure will begin. You will need it to let it dry for at least week. You will see a scab on the bottom of the stem. Once that is achieved you can plant it in soil. When is drying keep it out of direct sun light of it will dry it and burn it.

Succulent, succulent care, succulent diy, planting succulent, jade plant, plant care

Unlike me, you might want to  use cactus / succulent soil which is a well drain soil. You don’t want the succulents roots to rot with too much watering. You will want to water once to twice week depending on the time of year and where you have placed your succulent. My succulents are outside and during the summer months my Jade needs watering twice a week since the temperature can do up to 100 degrees. During the winder months Jade will need watering maybe once every two weeks since it stops its growth during low temperatures.

Can you spot the Pikachu?!

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I usually replant my succulents every two years. My Jade seems to grown faster and I have pottered it twice already in two years however, I have noticed that it has stop growing and the pot seems to small. It can mean that it is not getting enough light, water or nutrients for the soil. I know it get more than enough light since its tips are red from the sun. I water it at least once a week at times twice a week. All that is left is that it has used up all of the  nutrients in the soil and I need to change its pot as well. Plants are simple to read and you just can’t go wrong.

Succulent, succulent care, succulent diy, planting succulent, jade plant, plant care

If you are like me and want to try your hands at how to plant succulents then  give a Jade succulent a try and you will be surprised with the outcome!

Hope this helped!!


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