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Snowflake Book Folding Pattern

During the holiday season I love going to Barnes and Nobles and walking around to see what they have new. I’ve always loved the smell of a book store or library and while walking I around I found a end cap with made book folding books and books with do it yourself patterns. I was so surprised and excited to try some and purchased the snowflake book folding pattern. Believe it or not it reminded me of frozen when I saw it but I guess almost anything can due to how popular frozen is and its about winter.

book folding, book folding origami, book folding pattern, snowlflake pattern, origami

I went I head and started on the snowflake.

book folding, book folding origami, book folding pattern, snowlflake pattern, origami

The pattern was very easy to follow and as you can see its lined so its easy to follow.

book folding, book folding origami, book folding pattern, snowlflake pattern, origami

I then just followed the pattern and I finished my book  snowflake book folding pattern.

book folding, book folding origami, book folding pattern, snowlflake pattern, origami

It was super easy and fast to do, like always I just do it while watching some Netflix.

book folding, book folding origami, book folding pattern, snowlflake pattern, origami

Now I have my very own snowflake book folding and who knows maybe I will be able to make a pattern of it but that’s for another day. I do have a couple more of these book which I purchased from Barnes and Nobles which I will be finishing up and showing you guys soon.

Just in case you want to get your own Barnes and Nobles has them on clearance right now.

Stay Crafty,


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Book Folding Patterns and Post of 2014

I went looking for the most popular post of 2014 and I found that book folding patterns where super popular. It seems like very one enjoyed the pattern and are looking to learn how to make new shapes. I hope to bring a lot new patterns and at least one weekly for you all. I also hope to interview and have guest posts from other book folding experts. I have a lot of things on the works for 2015.

Here are a few of the most popular book folding patterns.

book folding, book pattern, book origami, recycle book

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I also found that my Darth Vader stencil on my chairs was something everyone found fun to look at and maybe even try yourself.

darth vader, chair reupholstering, diy, chair recycle, star wars, stencil, reuphlsering, fabric paint

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Of course reupholstering is one of my most favorite hobbies and my reupholstering dinning room chair was also one your favorites as well.

chair redo, chair makeover, chair reupholstering, diy, tutorial, chair recycle, dinning room chair,

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I hope to have a new chair makeover for you guys soon.  Last year was all about white and clean but this year I am going complete opposite. I am over the white which everyone else is always doing and now I am going more black. Its the reason I call my blog Pandora’s Craft Box because you never know what is coming. I hope you all had a great New Year and I hope you are all ready to start new projects with me .


Happy Crafting,






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Book Folding Tutorial

I though i would start book folding Wednesday and here is another book folding tutorial! Book folding can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. I usually try to make the tutorial easy to follow and with out many instructions. You can always use the patterns I have and rework them and make something new. I always begin with marking the pages. I know you might think that if you do that then you would see the markings once you fold your pages. However, let me a sure you that you wont even notice the marked pages. I will suggest you use a pencil when marking your book.

book folding, book origami, book patter,

I went I ahead and ripped the cover because it would be very hard to fold it. I then folded the first fold the first ten pages using the first line  and the last line.

book folding patter, book origami, book folding, book fold



The second fold was the second line from the top and the bottom.

book folding, book fold pattern, book folding origami

The third fold is the third line from the top and the bottom.

book folding, book fold pattern, book folding origami

Now you have three different folds.

book folding, book origami, book patter,

You continue the folds until you reach the end of the book. You can always do more than 10 pages if you want it to look fuller. I used a paperback book which had 531 pages. It usually takes me about an hour to finish this book folding pattern. I can’t do it in one sitting since it can be very mind numbing at times.  Hope you enjoy it.


Stay Crafty,


Another book folding origami tutorial

Its book folding Wednesday and I have another tutorial for you. I found a lovely store that sells books for $1! Its great especially since I make so many book folding tutorials and I did run out of book to use from my personal library. So if you don’t have any books to use for your book folding try to find a local store or even a library that sells their used books. I know that my local library at times sell brand new books at time for only .25 cents! You can’t go wrong with that, right?!

The first thing I usually do is remove the cover of the book, and then I made to marks with pen equally apart. The reason for making the mark on the pages is to know where to make the fold. You want to make sure they are all folded the same exact way.
The first fold you fold the page up followed by the next 19 pages, and then you do the same thing the opposite fold with the next 20 pages.
You will continue to do this until you reach the end of the book. The book I used has about 450 pages and it was paperback. I think the fold might have looked a little bit better if it was hardcover at times it’s hard to figure out if a fold would book better 360 degrees or lying flat.  What is your favorite book fold so far or maybe you want to see something? Let me know. 
Stay Crafty,



Another Book Folding Pattern

Book folding has many art forms and people love making different designs to with them.  I usually try to do simple book folding patterns that can be shown here with pictures. The next pattern only has one type of fold and it can be done in about an hour. I usually do my book folding about 150 pages at a time because at times it could be to mind humming. I also like use books about 300-400 pages in total because anything else will take me a few more days. I also find that using paperbacks make for a better design due to the 360 profile view.  I’ve been lucky that I have a $1 book store where I can get my books from because I would have run out of book in my home to use. 

Let’s get started, the first thing you will need to do is take off the cover of the book.
Then you will need to fold bottom and top corner toward the center of the book. I usually make a line on the pages to make sure that I fold all the pages at the right length.
Do you have any book fold that you will like to see?  I was also thinking about doing a PDF file with book folding patterns and maybe having a couple more complicated patterns in it. Would this be something that you all would like to see from me in the future?
I would really like to know what you guys want to see in book folding!
So leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.
Stay Crafty,



Book Folding Pattern

Another Wednesday has come and it’s time for a new pattern in book folding. I hope you have enjoyed my past patterns and now I bring you a new one. I try to keep the pattern simple and fast because it gets a little difficult trying to explain more complicated patterns. The pattern consists of triangles. The folds look almost the same but they are not. One is slightly bigger than the other and that is why they make an interesting design.

One the first fold you will fold both end of the page toward the center, they will make a point and be the same size. You will do this for the next eight pages.
Then you will fold the bottom corner toward the center of the page to make a perfect 90 degree triangle.
Now you will fold the other end toward the center of the page and fold over the other page. This will make a smaller triangle. You will again do this for the next eight pages and repeated previous step until finish will all the pages in the book.
The book I used is a paperback which I ripped the cover. The book has over 326 pages. When doing a 360 degree fold I try to keep under 400 pages. If for some reason the book does not make the 360 you can glue the spine together to make the book have 360 degree view. 
Don’t forget that you can see all my previous book folding by just clicking on the side bar picture with book fold.
Which one is your favorite book folding origami?



How to do a book folding origami tutorial

Its Wednesday which mean it book folding time! The book fold I have today has only three folds, which is super simple. The book only has about 300 pages and its a paperback. I used a paperback because it folds nicely 360 degrees.  The fold is kind of a flash back for me because I made this same fold pattern for my very first post on my blog about 2 years ago and it has been very popular. 
book folding, book folding origami, book folding art tutorial

The first fold I made was folding the page down to the center of the page to a point.  Followed with the other end of the page fold to the center of the page as well. The bottom fold will be shorter. 

book folding, book folding origami, book folding art tutorial
The next fold is going to be in half toward the inside of the book.
book folding, book folding origami, book folding art tutorial
Then you fold the page from the bottom toward the center of the book toward a point. 
Followed by folding the top of the page toward the center of the page. 
book folding, book folding origami, book folding art tutorial

Now you have this beautiful book folding that has a 360 view! 

book folding, book folding origami, book folding art tutorial
Stay Crafty,


Book Folding Origami Pyramid Fold

Book folding Origami can be very consuming at times and this one was one of them. I spend about two weeks doing this book folding. At times I start with a larger book with 700 pages because it look more pretty when the pages are condensed together but this time 400 pages was just enough. It still took for ever but it was worth it.  

You are going to fold 15 point slightly about each other to make this book folding. You will begin the folds from the bottom up.  Once you reach the center of the book you will start folding from the top down. This way you have the centered effect.  
I like the center of the book, how it draws your eye to it. However, I wish I could had made the folds of the pages on the right hand side face the opposite way then again that is how you learn. 
Let me know how you guys do! 


Top post of all times 2013

Last year was full of fun makeover and crafts! I can’t wait to see what I can come up with this year. I always love to go out and find inspiration around me. I am looking forward going treasure hunting and finding unique wonderful things. However, I wanted share with you my top post of all time! I’ve been blogging for two years now which it almost feels like yesterday when I took the plunge. 

Some of the my top post I would have guessed but others I am very surprised. I guess sometimes you really don’t know what will become popular and what will flop, but you never really can tell what will be popular. So let me share with you what I have found.

1. Of course we start with everyone favorite my Reupholstered Chair 
2. Book folding origami style

3. How about finding out what I carry inside my purse?

4. More Book folding tutorial which was my very first post of all time.

5. If you need to hide the mess on your bookshelf then try some curtains.

6. Book folding

7. Dining room chairs reupholstering

There you have it! The most popular post of all times. I wonder if the list will change by the end of this year? I guess only time will tell. 
I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and lets get this year started.

Book Folding Origami Christmas Ornament

I always need ornament for my tree and making this cute little origami book folding Christmas ornament is the way to go. The book folding ornament adds a little of vintage to my tree which I love and it won’t cost you a thing as long as you have book that you don’t want laying around. 

You will need a paperback book in which you will need to rid off the covers. I marked a line across the center of the book which I then cut the entire book in half.

Their are only three simple steps when folding the book pages. First fold up page. You will have extra flap which you will need to cut. 
Then just fold down to make triangle in the center of the book. 
You are done! Continue to do the same thing with the rest of the pages.
Just glue yarn to the center of the book and hang it on your tree this holiday season.
Happy Holidays