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San Diego Comic Con 2013 Recap!!!

I was super excited to have gone to San Diego Comic Con 2013. It might have not been the best for me to go while I am pregnant but it was my first time attending and all day event. I got see all my favorite artist and some amazing cosplay costume. I had the best time just people watching. 

Guess what we found while at comic con this year? The hobbit booth! The statues are so realistic and can be really scary. 
I love stopping by the Blizzard booth and seeing this awesome guy standing there. I think this was the best cosplay I found at comic con!

 While running to go see Patrick Rothfuss book signing I got stopped by this beauty! I do love the sexiness cat woman brings.
How can it be a comic con with out seeing something Doctor Who! I love the creativity people have while attending comic con.
Ironman also made his presence known at comic con and he looks battle worn. All the kids loved him.
Frankensine monster is so unique and she did a fantastic job painting. I just stopped in my tracks just to look at her.
The Joker statue looked so realistic and creepy, I would hate to have it in my house. 

We also stopped by the big bang booth and got to see some cute art work of the cast.

We enjoyed getting out books sign by Patrick Rothfuss the author of The name of the wind. He is so down to earth and super nice. My hubby is on the right posing with him.
I hope you all had a great weekend like I did. I hope to show you all the goodies that I got at San Diego Comic Con. I got a few thing for out new addition to our family her room is going to super cute. 
Stay Crafty!

Craft and Hobby Association 2013 with Tim Holtz

Can you believe that I spent most of my time at the Ranger booth! I just love Tim Holtz products and tutorials. I just love it all. The design to his booth was vintage and just eye catching. Everywhere you look their was something unique and interesting to look at. 

I wish I could own that many vintage suitcases!

The journey is the best part of destination of your life, right?

The assemble clock is one of the best piece I believe coming out this spring. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
If you want to see Tim Holtz talking about his new line of Distress Paint then come over to my You tube channel and see what he has to say.
See you soon!


Craft and Hobby Association (CHA 2013) as Melt Art!

I had the honor to be able to learn from Debbie Tlach while she was at the Ranger booth at the Craft and Hobby Association 2013. She was sweet and so easy going during the demonstration of the new product line coming out this year for Melt art.

If you don’t know who Debbie Tlach is or what melt art is then go ahead and take a look at the video you might like what you see! I know i’ve had my melt art supplies store for a while because I really did not know how to start but now I am full of inspiration and ready to dig in.

I had a fantastic time at the CHA 2013 and I hope to be sharing a lot of photos of my favorite booths in the next couple of days. I also have a couple more  videos at
See you soon!

CHA Winter Show 2013

I am so excited to be going to the CHA winter show 2013 tomorrow! I hope I don’t get sick. I’ve been fighting it for a week but this morning my little monster woke up with a little cough and sneezing. I woke up with a runny nose. Only tomorrow will tell if we will be able to attend the CHA show. However, I will stay positive and hope for the best. I am getting my business cards ready and interview questions.

I hope to take a lot a pictures and have some fun videos of tutorial with all the big names. I hope you all stay turn on my Instagram for pictures throughout the show.

If you don’t know what the CHA winter show is Craft and Hobby Association where Vendor and Retailers can come together and see what’s new products are going to be release. They get first hand experience to see what they might want to carry in their stores. So everything you see in your scrapbooking stores and even michaels is released at the CHA convention. The convention is not open to the public, so me being able to go is super exiting!

I hope you all tune in on Sunday for detail pictures and video!




SoCal Blogger Conference & Halloween Tag

Do I have a treat for you today!  I am going to talk about the SoCal blogger conference I attended this past weekend and my halloween tags. Vivienne from The V spot and Bev from Flamingo Toes were the great hosts of this event.
The SoCal conference was here in California and was an event where local bloggers could meet other fellow bloggers. Their were so many different kind of bloggers at the convention and everyone was super sweet. 
I had the great pleasure of spending the day with Dinah from DIY Inspired & Jen from Something Turquoise. The first part of the day we spent it going to shops who help sponsor the event. Each shop had little treats waiting for us. I just loved stopping by all the antique shops!! 
All things I got to see!!! One of my favorite things that I wish I had was this cute bird cage with a chandelier in it.
Who would not want to own an antique fan?! Oh by the way its also a lamp.

One of the many antique store that I went to had this beautiful display. 

However, my most favorite thing I found while exploring the many antique stores was finding this creepy painting! I would so want to have this painting in my room. Does that make me a little crazy? hehe. 

Oh and I also found this creepy doll that I would not want to have in my home but it was great to look at!
Of course I could not just go into antique stores and not buy something?
I purchased a test tube holder, Halloween inspired jewelry,ribbon and a monocle.
The one of other great thing about going to the blogger conference was the swag I got!! Look at the amount of stuff I got to drag home.
Just in case you though it could not get any better, I also got to meet Mark Montano!!!! I got the pleasure to sit next to him most of the night and talk about life and crafts and it gets a lot better we all got an advance copy of his new book The Big Ass Book of Bling.  
Yep, that’s Mark and me at the blogger dinner. He was so down to earth and very friendly. I was so happy to attend the conference and I hope to make it next year. 
Now for the Halloween Tags. I though I was all caught up but I forgot Halloween tag #22.

Halloween Tag #23. 

I hope you are all liking what you see.

Happy Haunting’s


Grapevine convention!

Here are some of the make and take I did in the convention. It was my first time taking this kind of classes. I just had a blast and the learned knew techniques.
The first image is a card done using stamps from Local King.

The teacher from Invoke arts had us use two mirrored images of the same stamp in two different pages. One of the images was colored in so it could be seen threw the other page.

After midnight teacher had a die~ cut of a dress mannequin that we had to dress up. The mannequin reminded me of Madonna or Lady Gaga. I also did a box by the same teacher. It was very educational and fun experience. I just love the butterfly. The inside is still a work in progress.

The Google eye store had a good make and take of a Texas card. Now I am a New Yorker so I felt a little weird doing a Texas Card. Some of the other participants decided not to do part of the Texas card because they where not from Texas. I did the card to see the different techniques they used. But I wont be able to give this card away because all my friend are not originally from Texas.   

But I definitely  had a lot of fun at the Heirloom Convention in Grapevine. I can’t wait till next year’s convention.