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Valentine Heart Crochet Banner

I usually don’t celebrate valentine’s but this year I decided to go for it. I started with a Valentine mason jar last week and this week I made a cute little heart crochet banner. They are so cute and perfect for Valentine’s that I decided to offer them to you! I will be listing a couple in my etsy shop! 


Yep, I am diving into my own little home business. I wanted to show you one of the things I will be listing. I just went for it with this cute little arrows going through the heart. I am not a crochet wiz or anything. I would call myself a beginner but I am very proud of the cute little lovelies. They are perfect for Valentines or even as ornaments for your tree next holiday season. 
You can add a cute little message in the center or just leave them empty for a cute little garland! 
You can check out my etsy shop here.
Stay Crafty,


White Wonderland Valentine Mason Jar

Valentine is around the corner and I decided to make a valentine Mason Jar ready for decor. I usually don’t do Valentine but this year I just feel in the spirit of love.  I did a fast and simple white trees covered with heart and a wondering deer. 

You will need just a couple of things. Some trees that can be found at your local craft store. You will also need some miniature deer and some fake snow. 
I used bath confetti and glued it to the twine and wrapped it around the white trees. Everything else was hot glued to the base of the mason jar.
See fast and simple!
Happy crafting,


Heart Crochet Christmas Ornament Tutorial

I have another Christmas Ornament but this time I am trying out my crochet skills. I am a beginner at crochet and I love watching YouTube videos when trying to figure out how to do a specific stitch. So when looking for project to do I always look for something that  is simple to understand and to do. Guess what I found?! A simple crochet star tutorial which I turned into a crochet Christmas heart Ornament. 

Crochet, Christmas ornament, heart crochet, picture ornament,

I use the tutorial over at Little Golden Nook  which I applied to my fire heart. Instead of using a round bracelets I found cute heart bracelet over at wal-mart and used the same pattern she provided. I added a cute picture of my little man to remind me of how big he is getting. 

Crochet, Christmas ornament, heart crochet, picture ornament,

To take a look at the pattern click here

Happy Holidays! 


Recycle Baby Food Jars into Christmas Snow Globes Ornaments

I have a very large collection of baby food jars from when my son was a baby and I have been logging them around for the past year and half all over the state. Guess what?! I finally found one good use for them. If you want to recycle your baby food jars then did you know you can make them into Christmas snow globe ornaments. I love mason jars but they are way to big and heavy to be used on my tree so recycling your baby food jars is the best thing. Even if you don’t have small children at home you can buy a couple jars for less then dollar. 

Christmas, Christmas ornament, Holiday crafts, recycled, recycled baby food jar, ornaments, mason jar ornament,

So go into your pantry or run to the store and get baby food in glass jars.

Christmas, Christmas ornament, Holiday crafts, recycled, recycled baby food jar, ornaments, mason jar ornament,

Now if you don’t have any kids then you have choice to eat the baby food or throw it out, hehe. I made a small hole with a drill bit on the lids. I colored the lids red with acrylic paint.

Christmas, Christmas ornament, Holiday crafts, recycled, recycled baby food jar, ornaments, mason jar ornament,

While the lids are drying. I took the jars and got a couple of tiny trees and a reindeer on one if the jars. I used crazy glue to the bottom of each tree and used long twisiers to place them inside the jar.
Christmas, Christmas ornament, Holiday crafts, recycled, recycled baby food jar, ornaments, mason jar ornament,

I added the fake snow and we are almost done! I got ribbon from Hobby lobby and tied it to the lids.

Christmas, Christmas ornament, Holiday crafts, recycled, recycled baby food jar, ornaments, mason jar ornament,
Now you have your very own recycled baby food jars turned into Christmas snow globes ornaments to cherish every year. 
Christmas, Christmas ornament, Holiday crafts, recycled, recycled baby food jar, ornaments, mason jar ornament,
Happy Holidays!


Christmas Crafts Decor Round up!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now its time to decorate your home for the Christmas Holiday season! I love decorating for Christmas so much that I started a whole month early! I love the warm colors and the hoping to see snow fall out of my window. However, living in California I won’t get to see any snow but I do love to decorate with snowflakes. I have a wonderful Christmas crafts tutorial and decor round up that I did last month just in case you missed it! 


I redid my stocking holder this year for Christmas.
 Christmas Wreath  are always fun to make and super simple.
 Chalk paint chandelier turned into a antique winter wonderland.
  Christmas topiary tree its something you don’t want to miss.
If you have a little ninja turtle fan at home then you need to check out these  Felt Ornaments
 Your cabinets can also be a great place to add a little touch of Christmas with ribbon covered cabinets
Window garland  can make your Christmas decorating complete.
 Burlap and Felt Christmas Pillow to add that Christmas spirit to you coach.
Entertainment system slipcover just in time for the holidays.
Happy Holidays


FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Christmas Wreath Tutorial

One of the first things I always love to do every holiday is my Christmas wreath. They are super easy and fast to do if you have something in mind. I wanted to make a small Christmas wreath to be put in front of my window. Wreath no longer need to be for the front door but can be place any where in the home.  My wreath took less than 15 minutes and now I want to make couple more for my other windows.

We always start with a base and this time I used FloraCraft Make it: Fun Foam.  

I went to target and found this silver and green garland for $6 perfect for my wreath!

 I just took the garland and wrapped it around the FloraCraft Make it: Fun Foam. I did not have to use any glue or anything to keep it place. So no mess here.

Now my favorite part begins,  placing all the decoration on it. I just went to it without a plan and did what seem natural to me. I love the way the silver played with other decor in my home and that is the reason I use it on my wreath.

I hope you liked it!

Happy Holidays

This was a payed sponsor post, however all opinion and craft are 100% mine.


Christmas topiary tree red nose reindeer tutorial

I decided that holiday decor does not have to be so serious all the time and since I have a silly little boy at home. I wanted to make a  Christmas topiary tree that look like a the red nose reindeer! My hubby has been having a laugh at my reindeer all week. My son just loves it and makes him smile.


The project is super easy and it takes almost no time at all.  My little man helped out with making our little red nose reindeer. I got most of my material from Michael’s which I just love because they are having an awesome sale on Christmas decor going on now.

No glue required just started plugging in all the pieces into the topiary ball.

Almost looking like a reindeer! I love the big glitter nose.

The eye are made of small foam balls and I just added black paint in the center. Now to get started with the body.

All you will need is garland, a stick and a pot.

I just wrapped the inside of the pot with the garland from one end and then did the same thing with the stick. 

After all that just attach the topiary ball on top and you are done! 
Now  you have your very own puppet red nose reindeer Christmas topiary tree!

I added a cute little bow to my reindeer to add a little bit more personality. 

Happy Holiday’s 

Using garland and ornaments to decorate your windows this Christmas

I have a small apartment and every space is real estate! I looked at my plain old windows which I have to still buy curtains for and they needed a little help with adding holiday cheer to my home. As I do every holiday season I take everything out from its bins and try to figure out what I have to work with! I found these garland beauties I had purchased last year and thought hey would look fantastic over my windows this Christmas.
christmas garland, christmas decor, window decor, christmas ornaments, window display, DIY, Tutorial, dowels 

I have to say it was the simplest thing to do. I just used a long dowel and wrapped the garland around it.

After wrapping the garland around the dowel I still had a little extra room at the end, so I added snowflakes. I also added hanging snowflakes from the garland to make it look like its snowing. I place a single ornament mix in with the ornaments.
christmas garland, christmas decor, window decor, christmas ornaments, window display, DIY, Tutorial, dowels

I used command strips hooks to hold the dowels in place. Now to find some curtains!
I hope you are all enjoying my holiday decor!
Happy Holiday season,


Ribbon covered Kitchen Cabinet Christmas Decor

If you have not noticed yet I love decorating my white cabinets. I just think it looks so plain when they don’t have anything on them. If you remember for Halloween I covered them with burlap and fabric and this time around I decided to use Christmas ribbon!
Its super easy to cover your cabinets and make them look festive with out spending a lot money. I used ribbon that I had left over from last year on my Christmas tree. 

Here how my cabinet looked before I changed them over to my Christmas decor. If you want to see more just click here.

 So just grab some ribbon and tape it to your kitchen cabinets. I also made ribbon Christmas bow. I did Christmas bow last year for my napkin holders and its super simple to make. Now I have present for cabinets.

What are you planning to do with your cabinets this holiday season?

Happy Holidays,