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Baymax Christmas Ornament

If you have a little boy in home like I do then you probably went to see Big Hero 6 from Disney. If no them your should definitely see it really soon. Its a very good movie and of course what kiddo does not like superheros like Baymax. The story line at the beginning is […]

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Reindeer Clothespin Magnet

Guess what I found these super cute reindeer clothespins which I could not help but get however, I knew that I wanted to do something that would display them some how. I kept shopping at target where I found these cute reindeer now I was in search for some magnets. Now to make reindeer clothespin […]

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Grinch Embroidery Ornament

I am obsessed with the Grinch this Christmas and I wanted to add more Grinch to my Christmas tree. I thought another way I could do that was to  is to embroider a Grinch on a hoop.  I don’t do a lot of embroidery since I am a beginner but hey why not, right? The […]

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Mod Podge Deer Glitter Glasses

It has been the year of the deer. Everywhere you look you have deer decor and why not bring it into my kitchen?  I decided to make my mod podge deer glitter glasses with gold glass glitter. I wanted something that would stand out from my cabinet. I went a head and got my glasses […]

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Christmas Home Decor

Decorating for Christmas is so much fun in my mind. I do find when asking my friends about decorating for Christmas they do not enjoy it due to their parent forcing them to decorate when they where children and now they hardly decorate as adult. At times I think I am a little crazy because […]