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Recycling Formula Container

I recently had to stop breast feeding and use formula and I found myself having formula containers. I just could not find myself throwing them out without feeling a little guilty and I wanted to recycle them. I guess that is what happens when you are a crafter! I really need to figure out something […]

Halloween fabric pumpkin, no sew fabric pumpkin, hallowee craft, DIY, tutorial

No Sew Fabric Pumpkins

Fabric pumpkins are a must have for all seasons. I believe once they might have been good for just Halloween or Thanksgiving but I now you can see them for Christmas as well. I just think they help you get in the holiday spirit. I decided to make holiday pumpkins this year for all occasions. […]

halloween, sugar scrub, candy corn

Milk Bottle Candy Corn Sugar Scrub

Halloween in upon us and its not only about decorating but also having a little treat for yourself. I decided to make a Halloween candy corn sugar scrub! Its great to have something that will add that little extra holiday decor in the bathroom and make my skin soft. Also you can pass up targets […]

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Halloween Mason Jar Ghost

Ghost are one of the frightful things during Halloween. I decided to make my own tortured soul ghost and place him in my mason jar for safe keeping. I used little things around the house.¬† I sometimes get very surprise what you can come up with when you are in need of it. I love […]

Remembering the fallen

Today was a day to remember the fallen of 9/11 and all the heroes who were present on that day. I took a couple of moments in my day to remember and honor those lost on that day.¬† They don’t lie when they say that you will remember¬† what you were doing right before you […]