Book Folding Wednesday

I just love to do book folding or altered book! My very first post on my blog was for book folding and its one my most popular post. During my move all of my altered books where damaged. The movers did not do a great job in backing them, so I decided to make new one!! The altered book kind of reminds me of an old  roller decks. 

This is a very simple book folding technique. First you can use any kind of book you would like. I used an old trade paper back,  I no longer wanted. Recycling books is way better than throwing them away and if you don’t have any books to recycle then they are really cheap to purchase at a thrift store or book store. The book I used has about 300 pages. It took about an hour to get it done. Usually when I book fold I just watch my favorite TV show and fold like crazy to get it done before the hour is done. 
I removed the cover of the book. 
Then I cut the pages through the center of the book. The great thing about this project is that you don’t spend a lot of money on materials. 
You would want to fold the corner of page down toward the bottom center of the book to make a triangle. 
Do the same thing to the opposite page, continue until you are done with both ends of the book.
Its that simple to do! You can lay book flat and place cards in it or stand it up and make it look like an hour glass. The possibilities are endless.
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