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Baby Girl Birthday Theme Party

My little girl’s birthday was this past weekend and I can’t believe how fast time flies. I was of course going a mile a minute trying to get things done last minute but it was all worth. I was especially thankful to have good friends and family to share this wonderful day. I was able to use my wood stand to place my baby girl’s cupcakes which my mother in-law made. I also used part of my Christmas decor to flow over the the party table. As you can see my little snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.

deer them party, first birthday, woodland theme, entertainment, party, decor

The banner I used calligraphy to wish my little girl a happy b-day.

deer them party, first birthday, woodland theme, entertainment, party, decor

I also wanted the cups to all that extra touch. I used mason jars and I placed wooden medallions with deer attached to it and place them around the mason jar.  My hubby and I made the invitation for this special day.

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Now you hae and ideas for your baby girl birthday theme party.

Happy Holidays



Learning Calligraphy

I am the first to tell you that my handwriting is not the best. My hubby always has difficulties reading my grocery list. So I decided that this year I wanted to give a couple of new hobbies a try, like I don’t have plenty already, hehe. The first thing that came to mind was calligraphy. I have always been interested in calligraphy but never really had the opportunity to try it until recently when a workshop came up near me. I was so excited and I am so glad that I took the leap. Its so much fun learning it, I was scared at the beginning because I am left handed and its always a challenge doing something but I never really let it hold me back or think about it really. 
I was excited to learn that my teach was left handed and she did beautiful calligraphy very easily so I knew with much practice I can be good as well.  Hopefully by the end of the year I will better handwriting.  We learn a very flowing and not so structured calligraphy which is fun for Valentines’s day. 

Here are some of the beautiful things I was in class.
Some of the girls I got to share this journey in calligraphy.

Our wonderful teachers!

What new hobby will you try?