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Book Folding Art Tutorial

Book folding is a wonderfulway to use/recycle old books instead of throwing them out. I hate to throw out books and decided it would be more fun to have them as decor in my home. Today I have a good treat for you with a brand new tutorial. All it takes is an old book and time. I usually do my book folding while watching TV. It feels like I am actually getting something accomplished while watching TV instead of being a couch potato. So grab a paper back book and rip the covers off and put your favorite show on TV its time to get started.
Its super simple just cut all the pages in half.
Then fold them toward the center of the cut. You will end up with two triangles.
You are done. Super simple and easy. It something you can even do with your kids. 
Here are a couple more of my tutorial I have done in the past, just in case you need more inspiration!
Till next time stay crafty!

Craft and Hobby Association (CHA 2013) as Melt Art!

I had the honor to be able to learn from Debbie Tlach while she was at the Ranger booth at the Craft and Hobby Association 2013. She was sweet and so easy going during the demonstration of the new product line coming out this year for Melt art.

If you don’t know who Debbie Tlach is or what melt art is then go ahead and take a look at the video you might like what you see! I know i’ve had my melt art supplies store for a while because I really did not know how to start but now I am full of inspiration and ready to dig in.

I had a fantastic time at the CHA 2013 and I hope to be sharing a lot of photos of my favorite booths in the next couple of days. I also have a couple more  videos at
See you soon!

How to make a felt Christmas tree

I made a very cute rose Felt Christmas Tree this holiday season. I was so excite to try this new technique that I decided to make a video tutorial for it. The tutorial will tell you all the materials you will need and how easy is to make this lovely roses out of felt just in time to make your table or mantel beautiful. 
I hope you join me every Thursday at my Youtube page HERE for my new Vblog tutorials. 

I also have a creepmas tag for you. Who said Mrs. Clause can’t be creepy and cute at the same time!

Happy Holiday’s


Creepmas Tag

Etsy has the best seller anywhere. I found this cute little creepy Santa for my creepy tag. I also used Dylusion sprays for the background which I just love. I love how the inks mix together and make other colors. 
In coloring the Santa I use a wet paint brush and distress ink pads. I was able to have more control over where I wanted the inks to go. I printed the Santa on regular white paper. 
I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday!

Christmas Tag

Can you believe that December is already here?! Time flies so fast the older you get. As promised I have done the first Christmas tag of the season. I don’t know about you but I love Christmas and its not because of the presents. Its because I love the colors, decorating and of course the most important thing, family. My Christmas as child where not filled with present but memories of music, food and laughter. I come from a Spanish family so I used to put grass and water out for the camels late at night and wait for the three kings to come. 
Now its my turn to make those lovely memories with my son. I want him to also remember our cultures music playing the in background with a house full of laughter and love. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and that you keep stopping by to see all the wonderful tutorials and tags soon to come. 
Happy Holiday’s 

Recap on 31 days of Halloween Tags and The Flektor!

If you missed any of my tags for the last 31 days of Halloween tags here is a recap of what you might have missed. 
I never thought I would be able to finish all 31 days Halloween tags and with that being said I have decided to do 30 days of Flektor pictures for the month of November. You might be asking what a Flextor? A Flektor is a watch made by (kno)Name. They have a fantastic mission and because of that mission is the reason I purchased a watch from them. They help dreams come true! If you want a project to be sponsored by (kno)Name all you need to do is get 100 people to refer to it on Facebook. Once that is done they will help in making your dreams become reality. Of course the watch is very stylish too.

I got my Flektor in purple and you can see the glass on the watch its like a mirror and you can even see who is coming from behind. Hey, I even put my lipstick on with it!

Now here are all the pictures of all 31 tags! I hope you all had a great Halloween!!

Happy Haunting’s


The Dibbux Box and tag #31 for Halloween

Today is a wonderful day! Its Halloween and do I have a wonderful scary story for you. Have you heard of the Dibbux box? They say its holds a soul of an evil spirit and anyone who own the box will fall ill and be terrorized by it. It was been passed on to other by being sold on ebay. Do you dare to hear this scary story of the Dibbux box ? 
I came across this story while hearing a pod cast from Mysterious Universe and every hair on my body was standing on end the entire time. Even now as I speak of it in my silent dark home I get chills. I will recommend hearing this story during the day light or you might not be able to sleep tonight.  You can hear the podcast HERE. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and may the old hag not get you. 
Now for the last tag of 31 day of Halloween! The tag was done mostly by my hubby. I was having such a hard time trying to figure out what to do. I sat at my desk for 30 minutes and nothing came to mind. I wanted to make it over the top but my mind was drawing a blank.
 My hubby being a wonderful man he is decided to do the tag for me. He did everything on the tag except for blending distress on the tag. I just love everything he did. I so wish I could draw like him! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!!
Happy Haunting’s

My random little letters and a Halloween Tag

My random little letters and a Halloween tag is what I have in stored for you today. I can’t believe it has been 30 days of Halloween Tags already. I have had a lot of fun and I almost though of giving up a couple of times because I though I did not have any more creativity left in me. Just one more day for the grand finally!

Dear little flowers, 
please stop dying on me; I don’t think I am that bad to live with.
Dear   Hubby, 
Please know that I love you dearly and you are wonderful, even when I am mad at you. There is know one I rather be mad and in love with but you. 
Dear  energy,
I know I need to workout and sleep more but I really need you to keep me sane.
Dear  chilly nights,
I love it when you come late at night and keep me under my covers but I do have a very big problem in the morning when I don’t want to leave my bed.
I hope you are all having a good week!
Happy Haunting’s

Vintage suitcases and Halloween tags

Here are my finds at the flea market (I found vintage suitcases)  and my Halloween tags. We spent this weekend celebrating my son’s second birthday and Halloween. When you have a child time seems to fly by and all of sudden two years have passed. At times I look at my son and I am scared to close my eyes because I might flash to the future where he is going off to college.

I went to the flea market that is only ten minutes away and I did not even know it until now. I was excited to find this beauties. Can you imagine that I only got them for $11 for all three?! I found that when you go to flea markets you need to be very patient because there might me a lot of stuff that you might consider junk but their might be a gem in the lot. I might just make going to the flea market a weekly thing.

Can you imagine that I only got them for $11 for all three?! I found that when you go to flea markets you need to be very patient because there might me a lot of stuff that you might consider junk but their might be a gem in the lot. I might just make going to the flea market a weekly thing. 
Now for my Halloween tags!! 
Tag # 26

Would it be Halloween with out a little poison?  The bottle was an used Advil children bottle that I had. The top is from a wine bottle cork cut in half and sealed it with wax. 
Halloween Tag # 27 with a creepy tree and a kitty just strolling around.  

Tag #28 
I used Martha Stewart witch to make this tag. I have always love witches. 

Last but not least is Halloween Tag # 29 with a Haunted House.

I hope you are all had a wonderful weekend!
Happy Haunting’s 

Little Letters of Love & Halloween tag

I like  writing little letters of  love for my  wonderful men in my life.  When my son was born I decided to write a letter for him every year  right before his birthday describing  all his accomplishment and how much he mean to me.  I do the same for my hubby right before every anniversary. I hope to one day have a little book  for each  to take have with them in their new challenges an adventures into adulthood or life and for them to know that  I will always be close.  Or  god forbid , if  I no longer with them they will at least  know that I love them  and will watch over them.
Dear Little Monster, why do you have to grow up so fast? Your second birthday  has just passed  and I am so happy to see the little man you  are becoming. I can’t wait to experience all the new thing that come with turning 2!
Dear Zoidberg, please stop throwing up all over my home,  I  promise the first thing I do tomorrow is change you back to your regular cat food.
Dear Craft Desk, Please clean after yourself I am tired of chasing my little  monster around the apartment  trying to get my glitter away from him.
Dear  Weather, thank you so much for the cool  nights. I just love to cuddle with my hubby at night with the  cool breeze coming in  window.