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Recycled Soda Bottles Planters

Gold is very popular right now and I find myself wanting to use it everywhere in my home. When the opportunity came to recycle some old soda bottles, I knew what color I wanted to use! I always feel terrible throwing out the soda bottles and I’ve been saving a few bottle to recycle and to find something creative to do with them. While they sat next to my trash can begging me to do something with them and I finally figured it out! I wanted to make gold soda bottle planters.

The first thing I did was cut the bottles in half. Beware that it will be a little tough and you want to try not bending the bottle in half.
I will be using the bottom of the bottles as planters which I pierced a couple of holes to let the water come out.
I used gold spray paint to cover the soda bottles. I got my spray paint from Walmart from all places! I am just in love with it, and got a little sad when they stop carrying it. I wished I would have gotten more when I had the chance.
I just love my new recycled soda bottles planter in gold! I am enjoying the touch of gold i have added to my home and this planters will be a wonderful new addition.
I got a few plants from Trader Joe’s which I love shopping at for plants. They always have just what I am looking for and at times things I did not even know I needed.
Now I have beautiful gold planters to go with my décor. If I could only figure out what to do with the top part of the soda bottle that I did not use.  What will you do with your soda bottles?
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Golden Star with String Lights

Gold is the color that everyone is in love with and so am I! If I could, I would paint everything in gold! I’ve been waiting to embellish my string light in my living. You might be wondering why I have them now that Christmas is long gone and the reason is additional lighting and I enjoy the warmth they give to the room when all the light are turned off. I am actually thinking of adding some to my baby girl’s rooms but that’s a craft project for another day. 

I went in search for paper mache stars at my local craft store and I found super cute paper mache star wands. I purchased four and gold spray paint.
When I got home I cut all the stars in half so I can have double the amount of stars and removed the sticks that made the wand. I had to be very careful because I was cutting them by the seams and at times I miss and almost cut my fingers. I started cutting the stars with a X-acto knife but it was easier using a small scissor.
I spray painted the stars first with gold spray paint, followed by glitter spray paint. The reason I used two different spray paints was because the glitter spray paint is very clunky and will not over the entire star evenly.
Once they were dried I made small piercing in the center of the star and attached them to the string lights.
Now I have golden twinkle stars in my living room and I love how they look. 
Stay Crafty



St. Patrick’s Day recycled bottle kids craft

I got the most wonderful idea to recycle does soda bottles you might have just finished. Instead of throwing them out why don’t you make a cute little leprechaun cauldron with a pot full of gold. We all love finding gold at the end of the rainbow especially when it has chocolate coins. It’s a fast and easy craft that you can do with kids and they will love finding out the coins are not what they seem.

I cut the plastic bottles in half. Let me tell you that it does take some muscle to cut them but it was easy while using my new scissor from  friskars . They will cut threw almost anything very easy.
Then I stray a light coat of black primer on the bottles before applying a black acrylic coat. Acrylic paint won’t stay on the plastic bottle by itself so applying a coat of primer helps keep the paint on the bottle.
After that I went ahead and made a belt out of felt for the top of the plastic bottle and I wrapped it around.
Once that was completed I just needed to add the magic gold coins and the project is complete for Saint Patrick day. The funny thing is I usually don’t celebrate Saint Patrick’s day but since I got little kiddos holidays seem to be more important. Life seems to change a lot once you have children and I think is for the best. How do you celebrate your Saint Patrick’s day?
Stay crafty,



Making a Dream Catcher

I’ve been seeing a lot of dream catchers around and I have been having the urge of getting one for my room and by kiddo’s rooms. However, they can be a little price and I decided to try my hand at making one! I got very lucky one day going to see my friend at her house and I saw that they were having garage sale and decided to pop in and the loveliest lady had the cutest crochet dollies for a $1 each. I just needed to have them and I knew exactly I was going to use them for, after a quick wash I got to work.

I first purchased a 10 inch embroidery hoop, found at any craft store and wrapped around white muslin strips. I did this with both parts of the hoop.
I then centered the doily on the embroidery hoop as best I could and closed the hoop. The fit was very tight due to the muslin being wrapped around the hoop so it will take some gentle push to get in to close.
After that I place strands of lace at the bottom of the hoop. I have to say that the most expensive part of this hoop was buying the lace, hehe.  However, I do think that the lace helps make the piece.
Now I have my every own dream catcher! I still think its missing something and I might add some piece of jewelry to see if that helps but for now I have one of kind dream catcher.
Stay Crafty,



Wood Grain Stencil on a Gold Heart

Mod Podge is coming out with some very nice stencils and one of my favorite is the wood grain stencil. I just love the detail the stencil and was so excited to start working with it. I decided to use the stencil one of my wooden hearts. I wanted to use my gold spray paint on it to make the wood grain stencil pop! 

I first painted the heart a cream color to get it prepare for the stencil.  I then applied the stencil which pealed easily and was applied fast on the heart. 
I went outside and spray painted the stencil with gold spray paint.
Now I have my very own gold stencil heart to go with my décor.  
What will you use your stencil for?



Kids Craft with Hand Prints

I know that Valentines came and went but I had this lovely wooden heart that I got at Joann’s a little while back and I wanted to do something special with them. I’ve been doing a lot of crafts with my little man lately and I decided that this project needed my little man help.  My kiddo loves to get his hands messy any chance he gets and this was the perfect project for him. However, be warned you will need to be awry of runners and by that I mean kiddos who love to run around the house with painted hands! I have hear horror stories of little one just bolting the first chance they got and painting the house with little finger prints while their parent stand there in shock and horror. Haha, I laugh now but I would be pulling my hair out if it happened to me!

Enough about children with tiny evil intentions and imagine a world where children do as you say, hehe. I painted the wooden heart white.
Once it was dried I painted my little kiddos hand black, the entire time telling him to stay still and praying he did, then followed with a run to the bathroom to wash his hands as fast as I could.
I decided that the wooden heart still needed something, so I decided to stencil the word love on the heart in black.
I got the stencil at the CHA show and it one of Martha Stewart.
Ta-da! Now you have a beautiful wooden heart with hand prints of your kiddo. It can be a memory plague for yourself or maybe for the grandparents. 
 Stay Crafty,



How to make a ring with beach rock

When I first came to California I spend almost every weekend at the beach and collected the most beautiful white rocks I could find. I have a full bucket of them now and I still have not figured out what do to with them until today. I decided to make them into rings. Some I will leave the beautiful white and other I will make cute designs to. The best part is that you will only need a couple of things to make this cute little ring.

I got rings at the local craft store and some E6000 to glue the rocks to the rings. I did not know if it was going to work at first but it did!
After the glue has dried I went to work trying to figure out designs. I use the word love on the first ring because Valentines is around the corner and it seemed fitting.
I also used a gold sharpie to do the gold dots on the second ring because gold is in right now.
You are able to make them and put your every own style into each ring. I am thinking that I will use words on my ring rather than try to make designs. Then I can show everyone the kind of mood I am in. I like how easy it was using a sharpie on the rocks so I could get the perfect design on them.
So tell me what word would you like to have on your rock ring?



Thrift store treasure turn into pin cushions

If you remember I went to thrift store last week and I found a couple of treasures in my outing and I decided to turn this cute little tea set into pin cushions. I enjoy the hunt of finding that piece you see instantly and know exactly you want to do with it. I remember spending the day with my good friend and just going to three thrift stores. She was in the hunt for a dresser and at the time I was just a long for the ride.

We had a blast going around and looking at all the furniture at the different stores and comparing prices. Not once did I think I was going to buy anything. We were especially thrilled to be going on an outing for ourselves. We usually have to bring out little kiddos with us but this time around this was a child free outing. We love being moms but at times we forget who we are as individual when our children are not around.
I am lucky that my hubby lets me escape from my daily routine during the weekend for a couple of hours to recharge and I can’t image a better way than to go thrift shopping and in this particular outing I found this cute little tea set. The little legs are damage but I always try to see the potential. I will be placing this cuties on my etsy shop opening soon. So keep an eye out.
What will you repurpose today?



Learning Calligraphy

I am the first to tell you that my handwriting is not the best. My hubby always has difficulties reading my grocery list. So I decided that this year I wanted to give a couple of new hobbies a try, like I don’t have plenty already, hehe. The first thing that came to mind was calligraphy. I have always been interested in calligraphy but never really had the opportunity to try it until recently when a workshop came up near me. I was so excited and I am so glad that I took the leap. Its so much fun learning it, I was scared at the beginning because I am left handed and its always a challenge doing something but I never really let it hold me back or think about it really. 
I was excited to learn that my teach was left handed and she did beautiful calligraphy very easily so I knew with much practice I can be good as well.  Hopefully by the end of the year I will better handwriting.  We learn a very flowing and not so structured calligraphy which is fun for Valentines’s day. 

Here are some of the beautiful things I was in class.
Some of the girls I got to share this journey in calligraphy.

Our wonderful teachers!

What new hobby will you try?


Burlap Valentine’s Day Wreath

You would think that I would be tired of using burlap but it rustic chic and I love using it. I especially like using it on my wreaths not such on my pillows because they are a little itchy at times.  Since Valentine’s day is around the corner its time to update my wreath. I reused my beach wreath from last year and covered it with burlap instead of using the yarn that was on it. 
Valentine's burlap wreath, valentine's heart and arrows, Valentine's crafts

I also got a cute little heart wreath from Joann’s. 

I took three heart apart and covered them with festive berry glitter. The three heart stand for the three love of my life!

I love how the glitter makes the hearts stand out more.
Valentine's burlap wreath, valentine's heart and arrows, Valentine's crafts
How can you have heart and no arrow. I made an arrow out of piece of pipe that my hubby uses on his clay sculptures. I used white foam covered with white glitter on the tip of the arrow. 
Valentine's burlap wreath, valentine's heart and arrows, Valentine's crafts
I used hot glue to attach the heart and the arrow. 
Valentine's burlap wreath, valentine's heart and arrows, Valentine's crafts
Now I have a super cute and fast burlap wreath for Valentine’s Day
Stay crafty,