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Side table magazine crate table and no power tools needed

I have been obsessed with crates lately, I just love how many different functions they have in a home. I have them in almost every room in my home. I wanted to make one crate portable in which I can switch around in my home and that is just what I did. No power tools needed for this portable magazine holder stained crate. It can even be used as a side table to keep cute little things. The other great thing is that you don’t have to make the crate just purchase it from your local craft store, I even noticed that Walmart has wooden crates!

I went to my favorite craft store and purchased a wooden crate. I then stained the crate in a dark mahogany from minwax.
After it was dried I purchased wheels at the local hardware store. They have a few selections to choose from and I decided to go with the classic black wheel.  All I needed to do was just screw drive to attach them to the crate. No power tools needed for this DIY.
I decided to place a few of my favorite things on my new magazine side table. The picture of my son and his pop pop and flowers of course because they always make me smile.
What will you do with your crate? I might do a couple more thing with crates in the future is there something you will all enjoy to see?  If you missed a couple of my past crate DIY click here and take a look.
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Entryway Shoe Storage Solution

I don’t know about you but I hate having everyone’s shoes all over my entryway. I have a tiny entryway and it seems like everyone always has more than one pair of shoes just laying around. It always seems like I am tripping over shoes during the day. So I came up with a simple and out of way storage idea. I really needed to find something that would not take a lot of space and could take a lot of shoes.

I got the idea of using crates on a small corner of my entryway. They did not take a lot of space and can hold all of our shoes.
I went to Joann’s and I got two crates. I need to add some shelving to the crates so the shoes are just not thrown in and a mess like they are all over my entryway at the moment. I got some craft wood and cut it to the dimension of the inside of the crate. I also cut or I should say my hubby  cut small pieces to go on the side to support the shelve.
I used small screws to the side of the crate with the thin wood to hold up the shelf. 
I did both crates. Its super fast and easy to do.
shoe storage, entryway storage, mudroom storage, crate storage, crate shelving,chalk paint, staining
Now the fun begins. I stained both crates with a dark stain.
After the stain has dried I made chalk paint mixture of white paint and plaster both equal parts. 
 I applied the chalk paint on top of the stained wooden crates.
I think it makes the look worn down and antiqued. I used American paint company sealer to seal the crates. I don’t want the paint coming off when everyone take and put in the shoes in the crates.
Then you are all done. Now I have a nice storage solution to store all of my families shoes.
shoe storage, entryway storage, mudroom storage, crate storage, crate shelving,chalk paint, staining
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