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chalk paint, foot stool, upholstering, reupholstering

Footstool Reupholstering


A couple of months ago I found a footstool at Goodwill and I reupholstered it.  At the time I has painted it white with white chalk paint and added new fabric.  I also did a cute number stencil with a sharpie on the top. I always enjoy reupholstering and its one of my favorite hobbies. When I look at a piece of furniture I am always trying to figure out how its put together. I just could not help myself and do another footstool reupholstering again.

chalk paint, foot stool, upholstering, reupholstering
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Side table magazine crate table and no power tools needed

I have been obsessed with crates lately, I just love how many different functions they have in a home. I have them in almost every room in my home. I wanted to make one crate portable in which I can switch around in my home and that is just what I did. No power tools needed for this portable magazine holder stained crate. It can even be used as a side table to keep cute little things. The other great thing is that you don’t have to make the crate just purchase it from your local craft store, I even noticed that Walmart has wooden crates!

I went to my favorite craft store and purchased a wooden crate. I then stained the crate in a dark mahogany from minwax.
After it was dried I purchased wheels at the local hardware store. They have a few selections to choose from and I decided to go with the classic black wheel.  All I needed to do was just screw drive to attach them to the crate. No power tools needed for this DIY.
I decided to place a few of my favorite things on my new magazine side table. The picture of my son and his pop pop and flowers of course because they always make me smile.
What will you do with your crate? I might do a couple more thing with crates in the future is there something you will all enjoy to see?  If you missed a couple of my past crate DIY click here and take a look.
Stay crafty,



Repurposing a boy dresser

I have had this dresser for the past three years with the intention of re-staining it to match my son’s bed however, it never happened. One day I just saw it and decided right there and then that I was going to paint it! I did not want to mess with a sander and with strong odor of stains. I went ahead and got my paint out and went to work.

I did not have to sand down the dresser because it’s with age the sealer on the dresser has come off and paint will stick to the wood. I got the paint from Home Depot discount section for $2! I love stopping by the discount paint every time I visit the store you never know what you are going to find.  
I removed the drawers and the drawer’s knobs and started painting the dresser. I was surprised how fast painting a dresser was. I am always happy when a project does not take me all day.
The problem I face was what color scheme I wanted for the drawers. At first I painted the drawer white because I wanted them to stand out. However, I noticed that it was too much and decided to paint them the same color as the rest of the dresser and just leave a trim of the original wood. I also left the knobs their original color.
Ta-da!! I finally finished a project that took three years to do but now it looks fantastic in my son’s room and it matched his room.
Stay Crafty,



Industrial Wooden Spool Makeover

I’ve waiting to get my hands on industrial wooden spool for a while and I never thought I was going to find one. Until one day on my way to get my hubby at work and a saw it! I could not believe my eyes and I begged my hubby for an entire day and he finally caved in and got them in the car for me.  They sat in my garage for a couple of month and I wondered what would be the perfect project I would with it? It finally came to me why not a bookshelf for my kiddos for their room!

We went to our local hardware store and got a few supplies to start our project. We got wood stain, wood and steel wheels. We got the wood to fit snugly inside the spool. As we discovered that the shelves had to be cut at different measurement because it’s asymmetrical all the way around.  We did a lot of measuring and cutting to make it just right. I decided to put four shelves on the spool.

We attached the shelves by screw them from the bottom and the top. It did take a lot of muscle to do it and thank goodness I have my hubby for it. I then stained the spool a dark mahogany. I just love the color of dark wood in my home.
My favorite thing to do is to reupholster and that is what I did with the top. The spool had four big bolts on the top which would make thing difficult to placing things on top, so reupholstering was the best option.  I cut the fabric and the batting the same size and the foam the same size as the top of the wooden spool.
Once it was all cut it was time to place it on the spool. We stapled the batting to the spool so it will hold the foam in place. Then we placed the fabric on the top and stapled it to the bottom of the wood.
We thought that something was still missing and decided to add decorative nails.  
Now my kiddos have a wooden spool bookshelf.



Reupholster a footstool

On one of my ventures of going to goodwill I found a granny footstool for just $5! I could not believe it, I’ve been looking for one it seems like forever and here it was. It was just in my price budget and small enough to be carried right out the door with ease. Now the question was what kind of fabric I wanted to use to recover this lovely find so I took a trip to Joann’s one of my favorite craft store in hunt for the perfect fabric. I knew I wanted to have a rustic feel but still wanted to match everything in my home. As most of us know you can always find something at Joann’s that is just right what you are looking for.

Once I found the fabric, it was time to take the footstool apart. Reupholstering is one of my favorite hobbies and I always just want to rid things apart to see how things fit.
Once I removed the old fabric and foam it was time to replace it with new and improved fabric.  I took the wood and measure out the foam to be the same size, followed by batting and fabric which I measured to wrapped around the wood to hold the foam place.
The fun part is about to begin, the stapling. I begin by stabling the center of each side, this helps hold everything in place.
Once everything is stapled I added black fabric to the outside to cover all the staples. I stapled neatly on the black fabric so it does not look all crazy like whats underneath.
When all the reupholstering is done on the footstool I began painting the stool. I used my own mixture of chalk paint on the stool.  Once it was sealed, it was time to put it back together.
One last thing to do and that was to hand draw a N’2 on the fabric, for this task I used a gray sharpie. I bet no one has a stool like this in their home.
What will you be reupholstering today?!
stay crafty,




My weekend thrift store finds!

One of the best ways to spend my weekend is to go thrift shopping and that is what I got to do this past weekend. I like the surprise I get when I find something that would either cost me way more in a regular store or something I would never expect. I was excited this time around when I went thrift shopping because I found a couple of cute items. 

One of the things that I was surprise in finding was a nightstand that looks almost the same as the one I found at a different thrift store in Texas  for the same price. 
How about finding a banker’s chair for less than $10! I can’t wait to transform this cute.
I love antique candle holders. I wanted one to sit next to while reading a book. 
I also found some cute little trinkets on my adventure.

Till next time, stay crafty!

Making your own Book Lamp

I fell love with a beautiful book lamp I saw on pinterest but their was no tutorial for it. So I decided to jump into making my very own. Especialy now that I need more light in our home. I could always use a lamp in every room. If you have a couple of old book you don’t mind drilling into and lamp kit you can make one too.

Please be aware that I am not an electrician by any means and you should always read the instruction when using electrical wires. Trust me on this I had a bad experience and I was very lucky. So please do  your research.

I got a lamp kit and lampholder which I remove the guts and replaced it with the lamp kit.

Place this inside the lampholder.

Then it time to drill! I drilled a big enough hole for the cord fit in.

Once the cord was in I cut some of the pages so the cord could lay flat in the book and for the book to lay flat as well. I wanted the cord to come out the side of the book than through other side.

I went ahead and screwed the books together.

Follow the instruction on how to wire the lamp kit and now you have your every own book lamp for anytime you need that extra bit of light. You can place it next to your favorite reading chair for that night time reading. I also use a 40w Edison light bulb that I got over at home depot.

Stay Crafty,

How to cover a picture frame with fabric and mod podge

I like adding to cute little family touches to my home decor and this time I made a cute little picture frame with my little princess foot print. The cut it out frames perfect picture frames because I don’t have to go around looking for something to fit my decor when I can just paint it any color I want. I decided to cover it with fabric and painting it.

fabric, covered frame, foot print, fabric covered picture frame, cut it out, painting frame, mod podge

The first thing I did was grab my material. I picked a cute sparkle gold fabric for my little princess.

fabric, covered frame, foot print, fabric covered picture frame, cut it out, painting frame, mod podge

Then I cut a piece of fabric and applied mod podge on the frame and placed the fabric. 

fabric, covered frame, foot print, fabric covered picture frame, cut it out, painting frame

 I cut any extra fabric off and glue to the edges. I used black acrylic paint on the edges to cover the fabric

fabric, covered frame, foot print, fabric covered picture frame, cut it out, painting frame
I added a flower with leaves for that extra touch, now I have a cute little fabric covered frame with my little girls foot print. 

Stay crafty

Chalk Painting Trunks and Furniture

I have gotten two trunks at the flea market a while back and I had not decided what color to paint them. I am always changing the decor on my house depending on my mood and I did not want to paint them just any color, so I decided on white. White never goes out of style and it goes with any accent color I might be in the mood that year or season. 
One of my trucks was purple and the other navy blue. I had previously paint one of the trunks with interior paint but it just flaked off with time. I decided to try chalk paint this time around to see if it would stay. Guess what?! It did, no flaking once it was sealed. 

I went a head and did my home made chalk paint mixture. You can find my recipe here which I used on my picture frame. 
I did about two coats of chalk paint on each trunk. 
I used sand paper to rough up the edges and the hardware to make it look more antiqued. 

After all that its time to seal the trunks. Sealing the trunks is super fast. I used a sealer that did its job in 30 minutes and it has almost no odor. It left the trunk smooth and way better than using wax. 
Stay Crafty, 


Top post of all times 2013

Last year was full of fun makeover and crafts! I can’t wait to see what I can come up with this year. I always love to go out and find inspiration around me. I am looking forward going treasure hunting and finding unique wonderful things. However, I wanted share with you my top post of all time! I’ve been blogging for two years now which it almost feels like yesterday when I took the plunge. 

Some of the my top post I would have guessed but others I am very surprised. I guess sometimes you really don’t know what will become popular and what will flop, but you never really can tell what will be popular. So let me share with you what I have found.

1. Of course we start with everyone favorite my Reupholstered Chair 
2. Book folding origami style

3. How about finding out what I carry inside my purse?

4. More Book folding tutorial which was my very first post of all time.

5. If you need to hide the mess on your bookshelf then try some curtains.

6. Book folding

7. Dining room chairs reupholstering

There you have it! The most popular post of all times. I wonder if the list will change by the end of this year? I guess only time will tell. 
I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and lets get this year started.