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Best Halloween Crafts

Its the beginning of September and we all know what it means for my home. Halloween has arrived and will be better than the year before. I have already started decorating and will be instagram behind the scenes if you want to check it out at mypandorascraftbox. Right now I do have my favorite Halloween crafts for the past couple of years.
It can’t be Halloween without some Mason Jars! I made creepy spider and eyeball Mason Jar globes!

 Click here for tutorial.

Do you ever wonder how to make a Halloween bow then don’t look any further than here!
Covering your cabinet this holiday season is super easy to do with fabric come
over and take a look.
Have you ever wondered how to cover wooden letter with burlap fabric? Then I have the perfect tutorial for you! Click here
You can’t have Halloween with out making a creepy Halloween Skeleton Fairy shadow box book! Click here to see how it came to life.
I discovered that I can transfer a stamped image unto a candle! So use your favorite stamp for this creative way to stamp a candle! Click here for the DIY.
Chalkboard paint is almost everyone’s favorite thing to do! I used my chalkboard paint on 97 cent skulls from Wal-Mart! Click here for my super easy tutorial this Halloween.
You remember all does bows I made well I use them to make a creepy skeleton wreath!
 Click here to see more.
If you are thinking in having a Halloween party this season you have to have a scary flower center piece right? Well then I made one that will make your eye pop! Click here to see the my eyeball flowers!
When you say Halloween one of the things you think of is pumpkins and I have a black butterfly studded pumpkin just for the occasion. Click here for the tutorial.
If you want to have a unique candy bowl this year try your hand on making wire baskets!
I also made a Hocus Pocus inspired spell book shadow box to hold my special Halloween tags. Come a take a pick inside here.
If you are looking for Halloween inspired silhouettes for you home then try mine! They are free to download here.
Bunting? I did not know what it was until very recently and now I can’t get enough of it. Look at what I did with Halloween inspired fabric!

I hope you enjoyed a full month full of Halloween inspired crafts but wait I still have a few more coming soon. 
Happy Haunting’s!

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Milk Bottle Candy Corn Sugar Scrub

Halloween in upon us and its not only about decorating but also having a little treat for yourself. I decided to make a Halloween candy corn sugar scrub! Its great to have something that will add that little extra holiday decor in the bathroom and make my skin soft. Also you can pass up targets dollar bin which have these cute milk bottles. Their are only three key products you will need to use to make a sugar scrub.

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  • 3 1/2 cups of white sugar
  • 1/4 cup of baby oil
  • 1/4 cup of baby wash
  • Food Coloring, yellow and orange

How to:.

  1. You will need to combine sugar, baby oil and baby wash.
  2. I separated the mixture into three smaller bowls.
  3. Add more sugar if needed to make the scrub fluffier.
  4. Mix small amounts of food coloring to each bowl.
  5. Add the yellow scrub first to the milk bottles, followed by orange then white.
  6. Keep the candy corn scrub in a tight sealed container for about 2-3 weeks then it will be ready to use.

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I used Target’s milk bottles found in the dollar bin. Fellow blogger friends challenge each other to do something with the milk bottles. Do you want to see see what my fellow bloggers did?


milk bottles, repurposed, dollar bin, target

We have Dinah from DIYInspired with a cute Thanksgiving inspired milk bottles.

We also have Barbara from Chase the Star with repurpose milk bottles as center piece.

Last but not least is Jen from Simply Creative Ways with Halloween inspired milk bottles.

Stop by ans show some love!

Happy Haunting






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Disneyland Villain Mystic Tent

It would not be Halloween at Disneyland without having the villains taking a stroll from their usual hiding places. I am so excited to be able to attend this year to Disneyland during the Halloween season. I enjoy seeing all the decor they have and all the characters in costumes. The most exciting thing for me is being able to go into the mystic tent and being able to conjure up a villain and get a picture with them.  You are in luck, for your viewing pleasure I have a video of our first conjure.


If you have never been during Halloween then you should really try to make it. I hoping to get all the villains before Halloween. I can just imagine it get more busy as Halloween approaches and would not want to get on the very long line to see a villain.

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Happy Haunting,


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Halloween Craft Ideas

Its that time of year which I love, Halloween!! Well I know its only September but its time to brain storm about the Halloween decor I will be having this year. I hope to top last years. Holiday decor always make my home feel a little different. My hubby always says that it makes it feel more homier. In great tradition I have the top Halloween Craft ideas.

halloween crafts, halloween decor, halloween diy

First up is my patio decor for my flower pots. Before this project with Plaid I had never heard from fabric stiffy, now its one of my favorite things to use.

Mod podge, fabric stiffy, Halloween Crafts, Halloween, Halloween table, Halloween pots

Who does not love Halloween Mason Jars. Mine has a black cat just time to give you bad luck for the holiday season.

halloween mason jar, Halloween decor, Halloween craft

I have another mason Jar Halloween Spider. I do love my mason jars.

Halloween Mason jar, halloween spider, Hallowen decor, halloween crafts

How about making your very own shadow box book which has a fairy skeleton on it. Click her to see how to make your own.

Halloween decor, halloween craft, shadow book box, fairy skeleton

Stenciling a candle with a stamp this Halloween only take about of minutes and looks great in your home.

embossed candle, stencil stamped candle, halloween decor, halloween craft

Here you have a couple of Halloween craft ideas you can use in your home. I hope you have enjoyed them. I can’t wait for you all to take a look at all my up coming Halloween craft ideas.  Tomorrow I might let you all meet Jack my new buddy I found at costco from all places. Do you enjoy Halloween and will you be decorating this season?

Happy Haunting to all!