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Entryway Shoe Storage Solution

I don’t know about you but I hate having everyone’s shoes all over my entryway. I have a tiny entryway and it seems like everyone always has more than one pair of shoes just laying around. It always seems like I am tripping over shoes during the day. So I came up with a simple and out of way storage idea. I really needed to find something that would not take a lot of space and could take a lot of shoes.

I got the idea of using crates on a small corner of my entryway. They did not take a lot of space and can hold all of our shoes.
I went to Joann’s and I got two crates. I need to add some shelving to the crates so the shoes are just not thrown in and a mess like they are all over my entryway at the moment. I got some craft wood and cut it to the dimension of the inside of the crate. I also cut or I should say my hubby  cut small pieces to go on the side to support the shelve.
I used small screws to the side of the crate with the thin wood to hold up the shelf. 
I did both crates. Its super fast and easy to do.
shoe storage, entryway storage, mudroom storage, crate storage, crate shelving,chalk paint, staining
Now the fun begins. I stained both crates with a dark stain.
After the stain has dried I made chalk paint mixture of white paint and plaster both equal parts. 
 I applied the chalk paint on top of the stained wooden crates.
I think it makes the look worn down and antiqued. I used American paint company sealer to seal the crates. I don’t want the paint coming off when everyone take and put in the shoes in the crates.
Then you are all done. Now I have a nice storage solution to store all of my families shoes.
shoe storage, entryway storage, mudroom storage, crate storage, crate shelving,chalk paint, staining
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Chalk Painting Trunks and Furniture

I have gotten two trunks at the flea market a while back and I had not decided what color to paint them. I am always changing the decor on my house depending on my mood and I did not want to paint them just any color, so I decided on white. White never goes out of style and it goes with any accent color I might be in the mood that year or season. 
One of my trucks was purple and the other navy blue. I had previously paint one of the trunks with interior paint but it just flaked off with time. I decided to try chalk paint this time around to see if it would stay. Guess what?! It did, no flaking once it was sealed. 

I went a head and did my home made chalk paint mixture. You can find my recipe here which I used on my picture frame. 
I did about two coats of chalk paint on each trunk. 
I used sand paper to rough up the edges and the hardware to make it look more antiqued. 

After all that its time to seal the trunks. Sealing the trunks is super fast. I used a sealer that did its job in 30 minutes and it has almost no odor. It left the trunk smooth and way better than using wax. 
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Top post of all times 2013

Last year was full of fun makeover and crafts! I can’t wait to see what I can come up with this year. I always love to go out and find inspiration around me. I am looking forward going treasure hunting and finding unique wonderful things. However, I wanted share with you my top post of all time! I’ve been blogging for two years now which it almost feels like yesterday when I took the plunge. 

Some of the my top post I would have guessed but others I am very surprised. I guess sometimes you really don’t know what will become popular and what will flop, but you never really can tell what will be popular. So let me share with you what I have found.

1. Of course we start with everyone favorite my Reupholstered Chair 
2. Book folding origami style

3. How about finding out what I carry inside my purse?

4. More Book folding tutorial which was my very first post of all time.

5. If you need to hide the mess on your bookshelf then try some curtains.

6. Book folding

7. Dining room chairs reupholstering

There you have it! The most popular post of all times. I wonder if the list will change by the end of this year? I guess only time will tell. 
I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and lets get this year started.

How to make a Heart Marquee Sign

I have been wanting a marquee sing for a while and they always seem to be out of my price range. I especially wanted one for my little girl room who is soon to come to this world. I took the bull by the horns as they say and decided to try my hands on making one. I did not want to make mine out of chip board as most tutorial I see because I have children who like to touching everything and wood would last a lot longer.

The only difficult part about making the sign out of wood is knowing what you are doing. I had to get my hubby to do it for me, especially since I have a belly and it seem to get in the way a lot.
The first thing he did was draw a heart for our baby girl. We had purchased a plank of wood at Home Depot initial for a shelf but decided to use it for this instead.

 Once he had cut it out for me, I used Tim Holtz Distress Paint stains to color the wood. I used barn door distress paint which dried super fast.

Now the fun part which is to cut all the holes. The light that I used came in a set of 25 which I thought I would be able to fit into my heart however, I forgot I need enough space between each bulb. So I was only able to fit 16 bulbs and let the rest hang.
Just remember to drill from the back instead of the front because the wood started to split from the front and it did not look so nice. But I did not care how the back looked like. 

I used a 3/4 drill bit to make the holes on the wood to make the lights fits.

I found the lights at Target. They are outside globe bulbs and they can light up your entire room easily.
Before I place the bulb in the sign I used a stencil made of cardstock which I used my cameo silhouette to cut it out with and then painted it white.
After a couple of touch ups and its all done!

Now my little girl will feel the love we have for her when she arrives.  
Stay Crafty,


Making a slip cover for your entertainment system

My style for decorating my home has been changing slowly and I have noticed that certain piece of furniture in my home are no longer matching. Since I don’t have money to go out and buy or make my very own furniture I have to get a little creative with what I have. So after much debate about moving changing or selling our entertainment system, I decided to cover it up with a slip cover. I just made a slip cover for my couch and decided to do the same thing for our entertainment system.
christmas decor, slipcover, slipcover, DIY, tutorial, entertainment system, TV stand, duck fabric

I have never done a slip cover for an entertainment system so it was all done on a whim, which is how most of my DIY project begin.  I measured and went through my stash of fabric to see what I had to work with when covering my TV stand. 

As you can see my TV stand is more modern in feel and my apartment is starting to look like more rustic. The first thing I found in my stash of fabric was white duck fabric. Most people would not want to work with duck fabric but I find it to be very durable and with having a three years and soon a new born, I need something that can take stains and abuse.

I measured the flat surface of the entertainment system and cut the duck fabric. So I ended up with a rectangle. 

I did not want the skirt of the TV stand to be flat, I decided to do a line of ruffles. I just folded the fabric a little over it self and sewed it all around. 

Now I have a cute little ruffle skirt for my entertainment system that can withstand everything a toddler can throw at it. I did not hem the bottom of the slip cover because I liked the raw edges of the skirt. To cover the pole of the TV stand I just pinned the fabric around the pool, that way it can be easy to remove when it needs a wash. 
christmas decor, slipcover, slipcover, DIY, tutorial, entertainment system, TV stand, duck fabric, bell jars, ornaments

As you can see my entertainment system is ready for the holiday season! 
Happy Holidays,

White Chalk Paint antique Chandelier tutorial

I got this Halloween Chandelier last year to decorate and I just love having it up all year around but it does not go with my decor all year around. So after much going back and forth. I decided to chalk paint white my Halloween chandelier and give it a little antique look which looks fantastic with my Christmas decor. 

The chandelier was black and it had little looking spider legs on each platform where the candles go and I decided to cut does off.
I made my very one chalk paint if you want to find out the secret ingredient click here from one of my past projects. 
 I applied about three coats of chalk paint on the chandelier.
Once it was dried and all coats applied I took a damped cloth and removed any excess and I tried to make it look worn down. No sand paper need apply on this project. 
 Now it has that antique look and is going to match perfectly with my Christmas decor. However, I could not stop there!
I went to Hobby Lobby and got chandelier crystal ornament, imagine they have their Christmas ornaments and decor 50%! I also got glitter ornament balls to be place on each candle holder placer.
I am so happy with my little antique looking chalk paint chandelier that now I can keep up all year long. 
Happy Holidays,


Coral DIY Faux Bamboo Side Table Makeover

Today we have the wonderful Nicole from Design it girl blog and she has a wonderful tutorial on how she painted her faux bamboo side table she got. Nicole decided to paint the side table coral which she was some what hesitant about. However, she was in love with it once applied to the table. At times paint colors can be like clothes it might not look good on the hanger but once you put it on, it looks fantastic. 

I did not think I was going to like the coral color myself but it actually looks really good and even made me like bamboo furniture a little bit more. I remember my grandmother having a lot of bamboo furniture while growing up so I am not very fond of it.  Now I might think twice before walking away from bamboo furniture.

If you want to see the step by step tutorial for the faux bamboo side table makeover then hop over to Nicole’s blog! Click Here

Stay Crafty,


Couch Reupholstering with tablecloth from Target makeover

My couch has see a lot through the years. Our couch as been with us since I started dating my hubby over seven years ago. It has gone through two cats, a dog and one child soon to be a second one. It needs a lot of lovin for all the abuse it has gotten over the years. 
couch reupholstering, sofa reupholstering, target, tablecloth, grey

Its not a perfect reupholstering job since it my first time reupholstering the entire sofa. I have never sew such a big project. It took me about 3 night to finish the coach. Do you believe that I did the entire thing for only $25!! 
couch reupholstering, sofa reupholstering, target, tablecloth, grey

I went to target and found table clothes on clearance for $8 so I purchase two tablecloth measuring 70” x 84” and one $6 measuring 60 ”x 84” as well as a set of napkins for $3! I love target clearance sale during the fall. 
couch reupholstering, sofa reupholstering, target, tablecloth, grey

I just dived into it and started sewing and measuring and figuring thing out as I went. My sewing is not perfect but it will do. 
couch reupholstering, sofa reupholstering, target, tablecloth, grey

 I used the napkins as small pillows and all of the tablecloth to cover the couch. I did not have enough to cover all the larger pillows so I decide to use an accent color. My hubby has been in love with blue lately so I used extra fabric I had stashed away for it. However, I am starting to think that I might make new ones in white instead. 
 What do you think?
couch reupholstering, sofa reupholstering, target, tablecloth, grey

Stay Crafty,

Fire Red &Vintage Ladder Redo & Day 8 Halloween Tag

If vintage decor is your style then you know that finding a vintage ladder is not an easy task. However, Nicole over at Design it Girl Blog has found one and painted it a beautiful fire red! I loved it, she really has an eye for the right color to use in each piece she finds and sells. 

If you ever wonder how to paint and redo and ladder well you came to the right place. Nicole has a step by step tutorial she has done for this ladder. Click here to see more.

Make sure you tell Nicole I sent you!

Now for the fun, my Halloween tag for day 8. I was inspired by Dylusion stamps and inks. 

Today’s tag is all about being goofy and fun with color.

Happy Haunting,


Vintage Wood Letterpress Drawer Printers Tray Table Tutorial

I have had this vintage wood letterpress drawer printers tray shadow box for over a year and I have not done anything with it. Until now which I decided to turn it into a table with iron hairpin legs. I love the idea that I can store little vintage items that I have collected through my travels to antique stores. Now it my own little curio table!

I got my wooden letterpress tray from ebay from all places because I found it was the bang for my buck! I even got free shipping! I also got the iron hairpin legs on ebay. They are very easy to install, just screw them in and you are done.

I really wanted to keep my little vintage trinkets away from little hands that might get curious. So I decided to install poster frame plexiglass on each section of the vintage wood letterpress drawer printer tray. I had an old poster frame which I used the plexiglass from because the frame broke. Keep in mind that the plexiglass is very fragile and can chip and break very easily. I used scissors to cut it to fit each section and I did get some cracking in sections.

Attaching the plexiglass can be a little nerve racking. You will need X acto knife to pierce through the plexiglass slowly and without to much force. You need to make a small hole where you will want to add a small nail. 
I got the hinges from graphic 45 line that can be found at Aaron bothers. The hinges come with brads which I attached to the plexiglass and then I got small nails at home depot which I use to nail on the hinges attached it to wooden letterpress tray.  

I used Tim Holtz hitch fasteners to act as a door handle to each section of the letterpress printer tray.

Then I just went to town just adding all my little trinkets and some that I made myself.

Now I just need to go to a flea market and find more curiosities to add to my little curio table! I added some letterpress stamps and iron letter. I also made so trinkets from Tim Holtz ideo-logy line.

Stay Crafty everyone!